Steam Hero REVIEW | Report

Steam Hero REVIEW

What is Steam Hero?

It is a handheld, light-weight, compact and portable steam cleaner by Telebrands (Official website: The Steam Hero claims to have a power of 1000 watts. You simply need to add tap water in the Steam Hero steam cleaner to clean, disinfect, deodorize and sanitize.


Cleaning Dirt and Germ is far more important in this time of crisis than ever before. But chemical cleaners often leave toxic residue behind. What you need is a steam cleaner. Steam Hero is the newest steam cleaner from Telebrands that claims to clean and disinfect your home with the power of steam, without any harmful detergents or chemicals. In this troubled times it is advisable to sanitize with steam.


What does it Clean?

The Steam Hero promises to clean grout in the bathroom, countertops, sinks, faucets and more. Get a grime-free shine everytime, the official review says. You can use the Steam Hero squeegee to clean the shower doors, stains on the bathroom floors, mirrors, grime on the oven. The promoter also claim that you can use to to clean your outdoor charcoal grill with the Steam Hero!

Steam Hero REVIEW

The reviews of Steam Hero are not too good, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of this handheld steamer, completely defeating the purpose of having one. The biggest drawback of the Steam Hero steam cleaner is that it is under-powered. The small size, low water capacity and low pressure makes it unsuitable for the big cleaning tasks that are promised in the infomercial. Here are the pros and cons of the Steam Hero cleaner.


Steam Hero Pros

  • The Steam Hero looks good aesthetically, it is compact and easy to store.
  • Okay to disinfect small items like keys, jewelry, masks and other such small things.
  • Comes with lots of attachments.

Steam Hero Cons

  • No Pressure – The pressure from the Steam Hero is not powerful and whatever pressure it generates offers cleaning time of only 3 minutes.
  • Small Water Tank – Given the small size of the water tank, you do’t have enough steam to clean larger areas effectively. You need to refill the water to put Steam Hero to better use. Even for small tasks you have to do multiple cleaning cycles.
  • Does Not Get HOT – For a steam cleaner to work efficiently, the water has to get really hot which does not happen in the case of Steam Hero.
  • Inconsistent Steam – The steam dies out very fast and you have to reheat the water to get steam out of it after mere 30 seconds. The steam cleaner does not work continuously with consistent steam density and pressure for more than half a minute. The heating time is also quiet lengthy. It is more of a hassle to clean with Steam Hero.
  • The button is not user-friendly – You need to keep the trigger (button) pressed down for the steamer to release the steam. Some folks find this arrangement inconvenient especially when cleaning tough grime and stains. The Steam Hero cleaner also does not have a water level indicator to notify you about the water level. Also the steamer is heavy to hold and clean with, not for old folks.
  • Drips – The Steam Hero drips hot water from the nozzle which can cause burns.
  • As a Fabric Steamer – Probably this is the only task that Steam Hero comes closer to performing fairly well, though it may soak your clothes. It does not remove the wrinkles from the curtains though.
  • Heavy Cleaning – The Steam Hero puts more water spots on mirrors/shower-doors and bathroom fixtures, than cleaning them. The Steam Hero is not going to be an alternative to the good old bucket and sponge. Don’t try cleaning the baseboards with the Steam Hero either you would probably have more mud stains on them. Cleaning stove-top with the Steam Hero would require several hours if you clean with just one steamer. Would make sense cleaning with half of dozen of these at once. Our product tester tried the Steam Hero for cleaning the grease on the microwave oven and the surrounding areas but could not remove the sticky grease.


Steam Hero Price

The Steam Hero Kit is priced at $39.99 + $6.99 S&H and includes the following:
  • Steam Hero
  • Squeegee
  • Brush Tip
  • Bent Spray Nozzle
  • Extender Nozzle
  • Wide Nozzle
  • Microfiber Cloth
Official website

Verdict on Steam Hero

Based on the review above, we do not recommend the Steam Hero cleaner. From the reviews it is apparent that Steam Hero is a big ZERO. Our product experts tend to call the Steam Hero a “piece of junk”, it just does not have the capacity to clean/disinfect anything because you have to reheat the water every half a minute. This is not the “Best Quality” steam cleaner in the market, rather it looks like a cheap copy of one. The accessories are waste if the main unit itself does not work as promised. The Steam Hero is not meant to remove tough stain, in fact it cant even remove soap stains on bathroom fixtures. Steam Hero is not the only portable steam cleaner out there in the market, there are far better alternatives available. Dr. Purifier and PurSteam are the much better “tried and tested” alternatives to the Steam Hero. The have 2800+ (4.5 Star) and 5700+(4 Star) reviews with 4.5 and 4 star ratings respectively.

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