Shark Apex Uplight REVIEW | Learn the Pros and Cons of Shark Apex Uplight

What is Shark Apex Uplight?

It is an upright vacuum cleaner, that can also be used like a hand-vac, stick-vac and also like a canister vacuum.

Shark Apex Uplight REVIEW

Shark Apex Uplight is truly a revolution in the upright vacuum segment. Hard to reach places have always been out of the scope of the upright vacuums, until now the upright vacuums just went straight. So though upright vacs were the preferred choice, they had limitations. With the APEX UPLIGHT, Shark has removed a big stumbling block by making the UPLIGHT vac, light-weight and “podded”. Now you can reach those hard-to-reach places, not just on the floor but also on the shelves, under the tables, on the curtains and more. Reviews mention that the Shark APEX Uplight vacuum is more versatile than the upright vacs. Reviews confirm that you can use Shark Apex Uplight like a hand vac too! Unlike other Upright vacs that can clean only floors, Shark APEX Uplight can be used to clean horizontal as well as vertical surfaces.

Shark Apex Uplight Vac

What are the Pros of the Shark Apex Uplight Vac?


    The main selling point of the Shark Apex Uplight is the versatility it offers. Use it as a regular upright vac to clean floors, put the extension cord and use it like a canister vacuum, go below the tables and hard to reach places like a stick vacuum. In the form of Apex Uplight, Shark has tried to combine all the vacuuming features into one podded vac.


    Based on the reviews, the second most important feature of the Shark Apex Uplight is the lightweight feature. Almost all the positive ratings that Shark Apex has, are for the “lightweight” feature. “Normally Upright vacuum cleaners are heavy and cumbersome to use but that where Shark Apex Uplight wins”, and that is what makes the name “Uplight” so relevant to this vacuum” – says on of our product reviewer on the Shark Uplight.


    Reviews confirm that the Apex Uplight has good suction. The “Hypervelocity accelerated suction” lives up to its name. Reviewers mention in their testimonials that the Uplight vac has powerful suction that can pick hair from the carpets. That’s what you expect from a powerful vacuum.

    See-trough Dust Container

    – Shark Apex Uplight users say in their reviews that the see-trough dust collection container makes it easier to see when the cup is full, also it is easy to detach and empty.

    30′ Long Cord

    Reviewers mention that the long cord makes it possible to vac large area without the need to unplug the vac.

    Vacuum Pod

    Shark Apex Uplight users are quiet satisfied with the podded design makes it easy to carry the vac from one place to other. The pod can be used as a hand-vac. It weights 6 lbs though, says a reviewer. One reviewer mentions that she uses the pod to clean the stairs like a hand vac.

    Retractable Wheels

    The wheels keep the Apex Uplight vac upright and they fold when the vacuum is in use.

    Easy Assembly

    Shark Apex Uplight takes a few minutes to assemble.

    Extendable Hose

    Makes it easy to clean vertical surfaces like windows, glass and curtains etc like a bagged vacuum.

    Prevents Scratches

    The brushes stop rolling when the vacuum is parked. This prevents the brushes from scratching the surface.

    What are the Cons of the Shark Apex Uplight Vac?

    Not very Maneuverable

    Some reviewers complain that the Shark Apex Uplight is not easy to maneuver, not that it is impossible to maneuver, but it requires quiet an effort to turn the vacuum.

    Suction is not adjustable

    Adjustable suction is a feature of premium vacuum cleaners for delicate non-traditional surfaces like drapery and upholstery. Reviewers complain that the Shark Apex Uplight lacks the adjustable suction feature and hence can damage finer surfaces.

    Not an Easy Vacuum to Use on Carpets and Rugs

    Not all users are very convinced with using the Shark Apex Uplight on rugs, they complain in their reviews that it is difficult to maneuver the vac on the rugs and even hard to push it through. While it works fine on smooth carpets, users do complain it is hard on shag carpets and throw rugs.

    “You really feel worn-out when you vacuum a carpet for 30 minutes with the Shark Apex Uplight”
    – complains a reviewer.

    “Vacuuming a rug with Shark Apex Uplight is a struggle”
    – complains another.

    “You have to have strong upper body to use this vacuum”

    Brushes can’t be turned off

    Another feature that reviewers mention is lacking in the Shark Apex Uplight is that the brushes cannot be turned off. “So when you just have to vacuum you don’t need the brushes to roll, but unlike other vacuums like Bissell and Dyson, you cannot turn them off in Shark’s case” – explains one user in his review. Given this feature some users are reluctant to use the Shark Apex Uplight vac on expensive surfaces.

    Blows air on your face

    Users have complained that the Shark Apex Uplight blows air on your face which is not good for those prone to allergies.

    No Attachment with Brush Rollers

    Some users feel that the attachment should also include a “brush roller” so that it could be used to brush stairs and other surfaces without the need to carry the entire Shark Apex Uplight vac to do the brush-rolling job.

    Not for you if you have a lot of “Pets”

    Not the greatest of dirt holding capacity if you have a lot of pets. Customers who have many dogs in their house complain in their reviews that you have to frequently empty the cup as it gets filled very quickly. So not a good alternative to your “bagged” vacuum cleaner.

    “Not that it does not clean well, it cleans really well and picks up fine pet hair but the dust cup is just too small for the pet mess.”
    one reviewer on Shark Apex Uplight

    How do we rate the Shark Apex Uplight for various surfaces and cleaning tasks

    • Tiles – 8 stars out of 10
    • Wood – 7 stars out of 10
    • Carpets – 6 stars out of 10
    • Upholstery – 6 stars out of 10

    Our Verdict

    Based on the reviews we can conclude that Shark Apex Uplight is a fairly good vacuum and lives up to the claims and its name of “Uplight”. Though an upright vacuum inherently, it is versatile enough to be used like a hand vac, stick vac a bagged vac. But then since it has got so much functionality, it has got its limitations. But if you weigh the limitations and features and the tasks to be accomplished, Shark Apex Uplight emerges as the winner in 6 out of 10 times. If your vacuuming needs are not out of this world, then Spark Apex Uplight is for you.

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