PowerXL Power Clean REVIEW

What is Power Clean by PowerXL?

It is a portable MANUAL power washer that claims to be like a “Hose On the Go”. The PowerXL Power Clean washer requires no electricity, has no batteries to replace. It is portable enough to carry with you.

PowerXL Power Clean REVIEW


How does the PowerXL Power Clean Work?

The PowerXL Power Clean features manually operated mechanism that pumps water out of the nozzle. The PowerXL has three main parts – i.) Reservoir that holds the water. ii.) Water Pump which has a small piston inside a cylindrical housing. As you move the pump back and forth the piston draws the water from the reservoir and compresses the water inside the tube, the water in the tube is under tremendous pressure. iii.) The Trigger releases the water (which is under pressure) and forces it out of the nozzle.

You should remember one thing that the PowerXL Power Clean will not pump the entire water in the reservoir, it will spray out only water water that has been “pumped” inside the tube and the water in the tube gets over pretty soon. You have to manually pump more water in the tube all the time. Not wroth the hassle.

How does the PowerXL Power Clean Work?

According the official website You just have to fill the PowerXL Power Clean with water, pump it and spray it to blast away the dirt. The PowerXL Power Clean features an internal pressurized air chamber that gets filled with high density pressurized air which creates a super strong jet spray of water. The promoters of PowerXL Power Clean demonstrate the cleaning power of this cleaner by blasting away the dirt and debris from a jeep Tyres. The PowerXL Power Clean supposedly sprays even upwards.

The PowerXL Power Clean combines the powerful water-jet spray with a built-in brush that claims to clean the toughest of the stains. The PowerXL Power Clean also claims to be gentle enough to remove dirt from a puppy’s paws.


What can PowerXL Power Clean be used for

  • Portable – Carry the the PowerXL Power Clean wash away the mud on your feet. Use the cleaner to remove sand from feet and beach toys.
  • Don’t take those dirty shoes in the car. Use the PowerXL Power Clean to clean the shoes after the game.
  • Use the PowerXL Power Clean to wash your boat.
  • It is great to carry on camping trips.
  • The PowerXL Power Clean is not just for cleaning, kids can use it for water fights.
  • The PowerXL Power Clean with its brush comes handy in cleaning the dirt and grime from the patio table.
  • Use it to remove the dirt from your mountain bike.
  • You can fill the PowerXL Power Clean to bathe your pets too, fill it with warm water for a nice comforting shower for your pets.
  • Outdoors or indoors, apartments or homes – PowerXL Power Clean comes in handy everywhere. Just pump and spray!
  • Hoses are inconvenient to carry, you have to pull them, they kink and its such a hassle. Now with the PowerXL Power Clean you get “portable washing power”, it is easy to carry to tight spaces and get the job done.
  • A fairly good tool to bathe your dog. The soft brush comes in handy.

Uses of PowerXL Power Clean


Disadvantages of PowerXL Power Clean

  • The pressure of the water is not high enough that it can be used for “heavy-duty” cleaning like the tires and patio table as mentioned in the TV review [PowerXLPowerClean.com]. You will have to refill the tanks half a dozen times to do tough cleaning.
  • This is certainly not an alternative to high-pressure washing with the hose.
  • There is no way you can change the pattern of the spray or adjust the pressure of the spray.
  • The capacity of the PowerXL Power Clean is very limited to provide effective pressure washing.
  • Inconsistent Pressure – The pressure of the spray drops as the water from the small tank gets used up. The water pressure is so low that they don’t even mention the specifications on the official website (powerxlpowerclean.com).
  • Not Durable – The PowerXL Power Clean features all plastic construction, including the nozzle, pump and the spray trigger. The built of the power washer is not great and it won’t last long.
  • No many attachments – The PowerXL Power Clean does not come with any attachment that serve specific purposes. Given the high price reviewers claim it should.
  • Leaky and Flimsy – Given the poor construction of the PowerXL Power Clean washer, it leaks. The material too is flimsy.

Our Verdict

When we asked our product experts to review the PowerXL Power Clean, they revealed this power cleaner is similar to the battery powered “Sun Joe WA24C-LTE 24-Volt Amp 5-Gallon Electric Pressure Washer” which costs about $120. PowerXL is a cheaper (in every sense) alternative to All the claims made by the Power XL Power Clean actually suit more to the Sun Joe washer than to the PowerXL. We do not recommend the PowerXL Power Clean because it does not have the POWER to clean tough dirt and stains. You would be greatly disillusioned if you you bought it believing all the claims made in the infomercial. If you know the limitations of the PowerXL and have got specific uses, it would be of some help (though very less). To summarize, don’t bother buying the PowerXL Power Clean and go for a battery operated rechargeable REAL POWER WASHER like the Sun Joe.

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