Invictus One Review

What is “Invictus One”?

It is a cordless, handheld compact vacuum cleaner that goes in the areas where your regular vacuum is hard to fit. Invictus One claims to feature smart slim design that makes it to maneuver through tight spots. The makers of Invictus One claim in their official review that the compact vac can clean better than any other vac in-spite of its compact size.

Invictus One Review

Invictus One maneuvers, pivots and rotates in between and all around spaces. Use the Invictus One Vacuum on the top to clean behind curtains, on the floor, and behind and under heavy appliances.

They even claim that Invictus One can be used to deep clean upholstery like pillows and sofas. It is so compact and portable that the official review even claims you can use it for cars to clean the seats and the interior of the car.

Invictus comes with a brushless motor and 2-stage HEPA filtration system. All the necessary attachments/heads are included to get your tight spaces cleaned.

Invictus One REVIEW

Ok So now you have a compact vacuum that claims to do the cleaning tasks of a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. But is it so easy? Nope, here is what our “vacuum experts” have to say about the Invictus One Vacuum Cleaner.

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor are known to generate high-speed that in-turn result in higher suction power of the “Invictus One” vacuum. Since Invictus One is powered by brushless motor you can expect high efficiency and lower power consumption.

Pros and Cons of Cordless vacs

Our vacuum cleaner product experts give their valuable opinion on the various features of Invictus One


Invictus One is a cordless vac and that has its own advantages and disadvantages. Being cordless, the Invictus Vac is indeed easy to use anywhere you want. You are not restricted by the cord, you can even take the “Invictus One” outdoors. Being lightweight it does not strain your hand. But the cordless Invictus has more disadvantages than advantages.

Narrow Head

One expert mentions in his review that head of the Invictus One vac is too small to effectively clean large surfaces shown in the video. Now combine the small head size of Invictus One’s vacuum with the 15-minute runtime, it does not serve any useful purpose.

Low Run-time

One of our product reviewer mentions in his review that unlike corded vacuum cleaner which have unlimited power supply, the Invictus One vac’s power supply is limited. Being cordless the battery powered Invictus One holds the charge only for about 15 minutes before you need to recharge the battery which takes several hours. “The low run-time (of 15 minutes) is the biggest disadvantage of the Invictus One vacuum cleaner”, says one review.

Low Dirt Capacity

One reviewer brings to our notice that the capacity of Invictus One vacuum’s dirt bin is just 90 ml which according to our experts is way too less. The reviewer mentions further that the small bin gets filled too fast and you have to empty the bin regularly in the middle of vacuuming.

Weak Suction

It is an universal truth that cordless vacuums have weaker suction compared to the cordless vacuums and Invictus One vacuum is no exception to this. You cannot use the Invictus One to do tough cleaning like carpets and rugs or picking fine pet hair.

Its a Toy

Considering the weak suction, low runtime, small head and the small dirt collection bin, many users tend to call Invictus One as a toy vacuum. One reviewer mentions that it is so apt that the Invictus One is shown cleaning mess created by kids and rightly so because it is a kid’s toy vac.

Not good for Tough Cleaning

Of-course given its limitations, the Invictus One is not at all suited for heavy duty tough jobs as claimed in the ad. This vac is just okay to clean the hard to reach spaces but then you have all other vacs that come with the necessary accessories to clean in hard to reach spaces.

Misleading Advertising

One reviewer complains that the advertising is very misleading as they do not disclose the key features and specifications in the commercial. Especially claims like “PROFESSIONAL SUCTION POWER” and “Outperforms vacuums twice its size” are hilarious, reviewers say.

2 Comments on "Invictus One Review"

  1. I bought mine for $19.99+ $19.99p&h mine works just fine, I got all the little attachments, I dont use it for big heavy messes, its not an vaccuum youd use for normal vacuuming, it’s what you use instead of sweeping, this has made it easy for me, I have carpal tunnel and I cant hold a broom for a long period of time, whereas this is quicker and easier.

  2. Cor de Gelder | January 6, 2021 at 1:32 pm | Reply

    I bought two of these vacuum cleaners from Manon’s Keuze, following the presentation in Harry Mens’ program. Price € 238.00 including extra brush, battery charger and some other accessories. Devices did not work great: crumbs, dog hair, etc. you really had to hang with the mouthpiece right above you also wanted to vacuum something. Sucking up Smarties (small candies), as in the TV program with dozens at a time, was also impossible at home! After a long back and forth e-mail I was able to exchange the devices. I have to say, these are doing much better, but don’t ask me how. The criticism which is read: too small squeegee is still there. The suction power is surprisingly high, but it is difficult to use in hard-to-reach places. In short: It is fine for very small jobs around the house, but do not expect too much and the price is very high, especially since you are not there with only the basic version. Ultimately, praise for the handling of my complaint at Manon’s Choice, but if I could have gotten my money back, I would have chosen that! It is a pity that you have lost so much money due to a too rosy presentation.

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