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Grease Police REVIEWS

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What is Grease Police

The Grease Police claims to clean the grease and grime in no time. It’s a magic degreaser and cleaner that cleans almost anything. It guarantees to work on nearly all stubborn messes, even the ones that have been baked on for years.

How does Grease Police work?

The secret is the super-concentrated formula that changes grease and grime on contact by cutting through them almost instantly. Grease Police can be used on various items such as a greasy restaurant equipment or a barbecue grill. It alleges that it’s biodegradable and its safe to utilize it on the barbecue grill. It also proclaims that it can be further used for cleaning shower doors in seconds eventually scummy tiles and the grout too exclaiming that it’s not just limited for cleaning grease. A bottle of Grease Police is only for $19.99 additionally $7.99 S/H.A gift has been promised that the offer will be doubled into two bottles of Grease Police at no additional charge and also promising that if it isn’t effective, the bottle can be returned even though its an empty bottle.

Tips for Grease Removal

A customer who had purchased the Grease Police says that its convenient for daily use however its not useful for strong grease found to be on the kitchen hood.

Grease Police Review

The Grease Police review was given by a customer stating that it did not work well though all the required directions were followed additionally much efforts were required.

Similarly, an other Grease Police review stated that it did not clean the grease from the stove including, that it leaves behind a greasy residue of its own which yet has to be removed additionally.

“Grease Police did not make any difference on the stove top.” says one review.

Other Grease Police review by a customer stated that, the stove had plenty of grease to deal with. It appeared that the Grease Police degreaser was the solution to the black grease on the stove top however it was not.

Even after applying several coats and leaving the solution to work on the grease was unsuccessful despite applying the ‘elbow grease’. Therefore another solution had to be searched by the customer on Google.

While an other customer reported for the Grease Police review that it runs just like water as well as it cleans like it. Even mentioning that it smells nice and not to waste money if there is a want of nice smelling water.

Another customer gave a similar kind of Grease Police review that it failed to clean the stove top even after spraying over it for 15 minutes. Reportedly, the Grease Police review by a customer mentioned that it does not clean rather leaves smears everywhere.

The bottle would not spray at all rather the customer had to pour it in another bottle. Though the product works on grease however not as good as other products.

Other Grease Police review by a customer was regarding the popcorn maker to be kept clean however the product was not useful.

Grease Police was not good as expected as it did not remove the grease from the pans. No noticeable effect was observed on the grease built over the pans or the cookie sheets. It was quite disappointing. Complains one reviewer.

The Grease Police was purchased to remove grease from the cupboards however it was disappointing as it failed eventually leaving a residue.

Similarly, Grease Police review by a customer was that the product was used only once letting it to soak a little behind the stove, around the knobs. The customer was not impressed. Further mentioning that there is not much grease over there however it requires more pressure while scrubbing.

Another Grease Police complain by a customer was that the product did not match the expectations. The customer had purchased the product to clean the stove top. Following all the given directions, the stove remained greasy as it was before, however the attempt to clean was done more than twice. Further mentioning that the degreaser works better on a stove top only if the grease is medium. However for tough jobs this product does not match up to the mark. Other Grease Police review by a customer stated that the product is a very mild degreaser compared to the other products.

Further, Grease Police review given by a customer stated that the a small amount of elbow grease was required while cleaning the grates of the gas top range. A very generous amount was sprayed leaving it about an hour, eventually spraying again however the results were awful as it did nothing which was quite disappointing.

Other Grease Police review by a customer was that the white enamel painted on the gas stove was undemanding over the grease.

Grease Police was just a another spray that you get at a dollar store, there is no difference whatsoever. Further mentioning that it is useless as it does not help in cleaning.

The Grease Police was useless as the old burnt grease areas that needed to be cleaned were not cleaned. Similarly, Grease Police review by a customer was that the product looks and acts like water but it does not help in cleaning.

Another Grease Police review by a customer was the product was not strong enough further comparing the product to another preferable product. Simultaneously, a customer stated that the product had been purchased for the stove. As the stove is completely glossy it has to be kept clean and was hoping that the product would cut through the grease and had expected it to be quicker. The customer further goes on mentioning that various type of cleaners were used for cleaning. However as the other products were, even this product was disappointing eventually it spread the grease even more. Eventually the customer expected that spraying a few number of times would solve the problem however the situation became even worse. Therefore the customer had to use an other product for cleaning as the Grease Police was undemanding. Eventually mentioning that this product would not be purchased by the customer.

Grease Police does cleaning however not up to the mark. The customer tried to clean the grout on the tiles of the kitchen but could not achieve any progress due to this product.

Our Verdict

Grease Police belongs to the new “Police” line of cleaning products introduced by Telebrands. Making it look like a new “miracle” product. But reviews have busted the “Grease Police” claims. The most important indication of Grease Police being a scam is the fact that the manufacturer of Grease Police does not reveal the ingredients of their product. Which branded product hides its ingredients? only scammers do. BTW…based on the reviews, we do not recommend the Grease Police.

The reason why Grease Police does not reveal the ingredients could be that the ingredients could be very ordinary and that there is nothing special about the Grease Police. So why invest in a product that is a equivalent to a snake oil. Instead buy a tried and tested grease remover from Amazon.com. There are several of them available on Amazon.com.