Bionic Sanitizer Review | Does Work?

What is Bionic Sanitizer?

Bionic Sanitizer is a device that converts ordinary tap water into Electrolyzed Water which can be used to disinfect various surfaces. This Electrolyze water produces Sodium Hypochlorite [NaOCl] which is known to kill the viruses, bacteria and other microbes. Technically the devices like the Bionic Sanitizer are known as “Electrolyzed Water Generator” which is a Chlorine [Cl2] based disinfectant.

How does Bionic Sanitizer work?

As per the manufacturer you just need to add table salt and fill the Bionic Sanitizer with tap water. Press the button near the bottom of Bionic Sanitizer bottle to charge to solution. The Bionic Sanitizer can be supposedly used to disinfect countertops, stovetops, microwaves, knobs and handles of the doors, luggage and almost everything else.

Bionic Sanitizer Review | Does Work?

When you mix salt and tap water, the Bionic Sanitizer electric ring at the bottom produces electrical current which causes the water and salt molecules to break down into their constituent elements [Water in Oxygen and Hydrogen] and Salt [NaCl in Sodium and Chlorine]. Sodium then combines with Oxygen and Chlorine to form Sodium Hypochlorite [NaOCl]. The process is called as Electrolysis [hence the word “electrolyzed”].



What is “Bionic” about this Sanitizer?

Nothing to the word “Bionic”. This “As Seen On TV” company [Emson] names it products that way – Bionic Light, Bionic Hose, Bionic Trimmer and so on. Uses

Bionic Sanitizer Price Review

You get 1 Bionic Sanitizer for $29.99 + Free S/h. For an extra $6.95 you can get another bottle of Bionic Sanitizer, i.e two bottles of Bionic Sanitizer for $36.94. $18.47 per bottle. The Bionic Sanitizer is available at the official website only. The Bionic Sanitizer offer is backed by 90-Day money back guarantee. If you decide to return the product you still have to pay $13.90 Shipping and Handling [for two bottles and $6.95 for one bottle].

When we compared the price of Bionic sanitizer with similar products on, we found that Bionic Sanitizer is cheaper by almost $10 [33%].


Bionic Sanitizer Review

Ok with all the high sounding claims the Bell & Howell Bionic Sanitizer looks very promising in theory, but the question is – “Does the Bionic Sanitizer really work?” and “Is it a good buy?” Here are the Pros and Cons of the Bionic Sanitizer.


Advantages of Bionic Sanitizer

The biggest advantage of the is that it is very cheap to use. All you need is a tablespoon of salt and tap water.



Bionic Sanitizer Disadvantages

There are two types of disadvantages that are associated with the Bionic Sanitizer. One, the types of drawbacks it inherits being a Sodium Hypochlorite based disinfectant. and the second is the operational issues related to the Bionic Sanitizer Bottle.

  • Limitations of Sodium Hypochlorite – The Sodium Hypochlorite compound used in the Bionic Sanitizer has got drawbacks. It is a corrosive chemical and leaves a residue on the surfaces. This is not something that you would want to spray on your household items daily. Sodium Hypochlorite is not as effective as its nearest cousin Hypochlorous acid [HOCL].
  • Cannot be Stored – Once you prepare the electrolyzed solution in the Bionic Sanitizer, you have to use all of it, you cannot store the solution for later use as the chlorine gas evaporates, diminishing the effectiveness of the solution. This is evident from the pH tests that users have performed over the solution.



Mediocre Quality and Design

Most customers in their reviews, have pointed out a major drawback of Bionic Sanitizer, which is the inability of its electric plug to fit in a socket directly. You need an old style phone adaptor for that instead. Further, the Bionic Sanitizer tool has to be charged before it's switched on. Such mechanism seems like a clear case of miscommunication and lack of clarity. Most of the customers wanted to return it, but since it’s not returnable, they’ll just discontinue using it.

Another common complaint for Bionic Sanitizer is for its abysmally poor design and quality. Some customers have reported that the port to plug in the charger of the product arrived disjointed inside, which rendered it completely useless. Worse, its principal content, hypochlorous acid, may be a good disinfectant, but it’s not the ultimate. The quality of the solution seems dubious, something you can’t risk relying on.


Interestingly neither Bionis Sanitizer nor any other Sodium Hypochlorite based disinfectant makes to the list of 5 Best Disinfectants.


Technically and Scientifically Deficient

Customers who have knowledge of technical features and terminologies carried out tests on Bionic Sanitizer to determine its quality. Their observations reveal that it’s made from substandard substances. According to one of them, the makers’ claim that the sanitizer can be stored in a cool place for 20 days and yet be used is totally false. He used some chlorine test strips at home to test it over a number of days periodically. He was surprised to see that after just two days, the solution showed there was no chlorine content in it. He says it’s a major revelation as it shows that it is completely ineffective and actually hazardous to use.

Same goes for the PH level test that another customer carried out. He used a standardized and certified PH reader to test Bionic Sanitizer, which showed that it doesn’t sustain. According to him, Bionic Sanitizer does not offer the advantage of higher amount of PH level. One more customer who tested Bionic Sanitizer to determine its PH level found that after a week, the pH of the water had ionized with this machine, and there’d be no improvement. It’s PH level was drastically low, which showed it’s actually unsafe. Further, he also noticed that H2 additive in this product cannot be measured. The only advantage of this unit is that its battery is long-lasting (although its glass material is of inferior quality). Overall, scientific tests reveal that Bionic Sanitizer is not a quality product on which you can rely.


Our Verdict

The Bionic Sanitizer is unreliable. Though the method works in theory it is poorly executed. furthermore, the Sodium Hypochlorite solution that Bionic Sanitizer produces cannot guarantee total disinfection. Spraying of Sodium Hypochlorite is banned even in many third world countries raising the question on effectiveness of the Sodium Hypochlorite solution.

Bionic Sanitizer works in theory only, because the Sodium Hypochlorite disintegrates into constituent elements pretty fast. Besides as the reviews mention, there are issues with the Bionic Sanitizer itself. Based on these facts, we do not recommend the Bionic Sanitizer.

Bionic Sanitizer is not the only “Electrolyzed Water Generator” out there, there are several of these bottles available, so this is nothing like a new invention. All are pretty much the same – more disadvantages than advantages.

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