Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaning System Review | Reviews

What is Cleanica 360?

According to the official website [], Cleanica 360 is a Steam Cleaning System that is designed to clean dirt, grease and grime while fighting against germs, bacteria and viruses. The promoters of the Cleanica 360 mop claim that the power of “steam” is an essential sanitizing tool in these pandemic times.


Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaning System Review | Reviews


What does Cleanica 360 do?

Cleanica 360 promises to sanitize and help kill up to 99.9% of germs bacteria & viruses. Portable, lightweight and easy to use, the Cleanica 360 steam cleaner claims to turn regular tap water into hot vapor in just seconds. It cleans and sanitizes using steam without any toxic fumes.



You can use Cleanica 360 on Hardwood Floors, Laminate Floors, Ceramic / Marble Tiles, Carpets, Countertops, Glass, Baked on Mess, Children Toys, Pet Beds, Grout, Clothing Garments, Hand Rails and so much more!


Sanitization vs Cleaning

The sanitization process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection. As per public health standard, sanitization drastically reduces the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level.

The cleaning process works by eliminating germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects with the help of soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. Although this process does not necessarily kill germs, it removes them thereby lowering their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.


Importance of Sanitization in the Covid times

Current evidence indicates that the COVID-19 virus is also transmitted through contaminated surfaces. Contact transmission happens when contaminated hands touch the mucosa of the mouth, nose, or eyes. Therefore steam sanitization is the need of the hour to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the Cleanica 360 is the right mop to sanitize your home. Steam Sanitization also interferes with the transmission of other viruses and bacteria causing common colds, flu and pneumonia, thus reducing the overall problem of diseases.



Steam Sanitation measures are essential for preventing and for protecting human health during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Ensuring evidenced-based and consistently applied sanitization methods in communities, homes, schools, marketplaces, and healthcare facilities will help prevent human-to-human transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogens that causes COVID-19. Steam mops like the Cleanica 360 come in handy for such tasks.


Cleanica 360 Price

The Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaning System is Priced at $87.99 and is available only at the official website The accessories include:
  • 2 Mop Pads
  • 1 Carpet Cradle
  • 1 Squeegee
  • 1 Garment Steamer Cloth
  • 1 Concentrator Tip
  • 1 Small Scrub Brush
  • 1 Medium Scrub Brush
  • 1 Grout Cleaning Tool
  • 1 Super Scraper



Pros of Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaning System

Reduced Cleaning Time

Cleanica 360 steamer takes lesser time to clean, and you don’t need to drag a heavy vacuum or bucket around the room or keep changing water when it becomes dirty.

Sanitizes Your Home is an effective cleaning tool to help eliminate bacteria and germs without the need to use harmful and toxic chemicals.


Since Cleanica 360 steam cleaning system requires only water to do the job, not only is it healthier for everyone but it is safe for the environment too.


This cleaning system is great for cleaning tiles, floors, carpets, and even your drapes. It can also be used to clean your windows and remove stubborn grime from your bathroom floors.

Highly Effective

Cleanica 360 is ideal for cleaning places that have a lot of people such as offices and schools.

Easy To Maintain

This Cleanica 360 steam cleaner is easy to clean. Simply throw its reusable filter or pad into your washing machine. So not only will your unit last longer, but it will also save you money in the long run.



1500 Watt Power

The Cleanica 360 steam mop comes with 1500 watts of power, which is quiet impressive. The power of a cleaning machine, expressed in Watts (W), determines the heating time necessary to produce steam. The more higher the power, the shorter the wait time and the more superior its performance.


Cons of Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaning System

While steam cleaning machines are efficient and versatile, there are still some disadvantages that you should be aware of before you make the purchase:

Extremely Hot

The Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaning System uses steam which can go at a really high temperature. This may be a safety concern for some people. You will have to learn how to use your steam mop and your cleaning solutions properly, as well as be aware of it to prevent injuries.

Regular Cleaning

Compared to employing other cleaning methods, the Cleanica 360 may require you to clean more often than usual. But this will also depend on the type of floor you have.

More Expensive

This steam cleaner costs more than your average mop and bucket combo but keep in mind that you only need water to use it.

Capacity of the Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaner Tank

Once the water in the tank gets over, it is necessary to interrupt the cycle of the Cleanica 360 steam cleaner to refill the tank. When the tank has less than one liter, the cycle lasts only for about 20 to 30 minutes. This is plenty of time for cleaning a small surface but not enough for extended periods of work. Another interesting option:  a steam cleaner with a removable tank that you can refill with water without having to deactivate it.



Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaner REVIEW

One reviewer states that she used it on her toilet bowl in a small area that is showing hard water stain. She steamed an entire tank of water and didn’t break loose these stains. She used a bathroom cleaner and bleach, letting it soak and used the steamer with brush on end of the pointed nozzle but it still didn’t remove the stains. She also says that she used the steamer on the bathroom tub but it didn’t remove the hardwater stains from chrome fixtures and didn’t do that well on tile.

She adds that the other down side to this steamer is it goes through a tank of water in 11 minutes. So the claims about steamers in general are not on point, but exaggerations about what they can accomplish. Happy with the Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaner, another reviewer mentions that it mops well, it comes with 3 cloths that are great, it does NOT require a cleaning solution, it works fine on the linoleum, and it is eco-friendly.



Another user writes in her Cleanica 360 review that it requires a lot more effort. Cleanica 360 is not great for pet messes or smells, either. She swept and mopped before using and it didn’t seem to help lift any deep stains. She recommends it for minimal traffic areas, or light cleaning. Suited for apartment or space under 1000 feet because you will get tired of refilling.

One Cleanica 360 review mentions that when you try to steam the bathroom glass, the water holder needs to be flipped around because that’s where the water pull is, so if you face downward it will think it’s out of water.

In one review the user states that the steam is okay, but the most important part is the floor steaming. She says” When using the floor pad you are not really getting the steam to the floor. It just heats the pad with the hot water, pad should have holes in so steam reaches the floor because the steam just come out the sides around pad and never touches the floor”.

One reviewer writes that she was so excited to get the Cleanica 360 because she hates germs and having pets. However, she complains that this is not as easy to get rid of the things like stove tops, around the bottom of your toilet, around your base boards and smaller places.

It has a lot of heat but doesn’t have enough pressure behind it to “blast away” grime.



Our Verdict

Steam cleaners are great for sanitizing your home in these times. But you should choose the steam cleaner wisely. You should analyze your needs first before making the purchase. Based on the review we can safely Cleanica 360 is good for steam cleaning floors but not suited for heavy duty tasks. It does not have the power to remove stubborn stains, dirt and grime. Now the question is, Should you buy the Cleanica 360 steam cleaning system?

We see no reason why you should buy the Cleanica 360 steam mop, the reason is it is not the only Steam Cleaning System out there. there are several of them available at and they are tried and tested ones. We would recommend the PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner, which has over 18500+ REVIEWS and a rating of 4.3.

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