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What is Softology?

Night is to sleep, to rest and wake up next morning afresh and energetic to live the next day to the fullest. But for that you need to sleep like a baby. Most of us are deprived of that “deep sleep” which could be the solution to most of our woes in daily life. Most of the time your bed-sheet is the culprit. Some wish their bed-sheet was silky soft, was more snugly.



Softology is Light-weight


How does Softology work?

The makers of Softology claim that “quite possibly” they have made the softest sheets on the planet. The Softology bed-sheet claims to be ultra-lightweight and very smooth to the touch. The inventors of the Softology claim that it is almost like sleeping on the air.


Softology Breathable Athletic Fabric



Ryan and Alea the ambassadors of the Softology bed-sheet claim that they have considered all the issues pertaining to a cotton bed-sheet. Bed-sheets get hot in the night, they trap body heat inside as the fabric is not breathable, they make people sweat and make people wake up due to the discomfort.


Softology Compared to Ordinary Bed Sheet


Softology is made from breathable athletic fabric that claims to vent out trapped body heat keeping you cool throughout your sleep. The moisture wicking fabric of the Softology bed-sheet keeps you dry and comfortable.



Softology Keeps you Dry


The promoters of the Softology bed-sheet give the analogy of wearing a cotton shirt in a marathon which is going to get sweaty compared to the athletic fabric.The comparison between (marathon and sleep) in itself is flawed and amateurish.


Softology Silky Soft


Traditional bed-sheets fall off at the corner of the bed. Softology bed-sheets seems to feature some “Never Crease Technology” creates a crisp clean look everytime. And fits every mattress perfectly.



Softology Stay Puts in Place


Softology Bed-Sheet REVIEW

About the name SOFTOLOGY

The product name Softology is the combination of the words “SOFT” and “LOGY”. SOFT is the essence of the bed-sheet and “LOGY” represents the science or knowledge about a particular subject.By having the name “Softology”, the promoters of the bed-sheets are trying to impress up on the buyers that they have sound knowledge and authority of making soft and comfortable bed-sheets.



The science of “SOFT”

The marketers of Softology (and many other infomercial products) often try to associate their product with SCIENCE (hence the word “LOGY”). The as seen on tv marketers have learned that buyers get lured in to buying their crappy products whenever they are backed by scientific claims.


No Lab Tests to Support the Claims

Softology makes tall claims like the most “ultra-lightweight”, “softest” and “coolest” bed-sheet on the planet but does not produce proofs to support these claims. These are just self-proclaimed claims not verified independently by any neutral laboratory. So as a buyer you should not be believing these claims unless they are certified by competent authority.


No Patents

The makers of Softology bed-sheet make it look like something revolutionary, something that is totally new. If it was so they they would have definitely filed for a patent. We searched the patent database but did not find any records related to Softology.



Weight of the Softology Bed-sheet

They do not disclose the weight of the bed-sheet. Possibly because after all it is not that light-weight, as they make it seem.


What is “Never Crease Technology”?

It means nothing. Just a fancy name given to the wrinkle-free feature of Softology. No such technology is patented by Softology.


Money Back Guarantee

Softology comes with a mere 30-day money back guarantee. They deliberately hide the words “30 day” in the video.


No warranty

Softology has no warranty. Other brands like Sheex, PeachSkinSheets and Bare Home offer one year warranty.


Company behind Softology

Telebrands is the promoter of the Softology bed sheets. It has no prior experience of making quality bedding products. They usually sell crappy made in China junk under the pretext of “As Seen On TV” products



Softology Price and Offer

You get 2 Softology bed-sheets and 2 Softology Pillowcases. Softology comes in 3 sizes:
  • Twin: $159.00
  • Queen: $179.00
  • King: $199.00
Softology bed-sheets are available only at the official website: You do not have an option of buying one Softology bed-sheet. This is a classic “as seen on tv” rip-off where you are forced to buy two products.



Our Verdict on Softology

Softology is nothing but an over-exaggerated, over-hyped bed-sheet which is marketed with blatant lies. Softology is not the only cooling, moisture wicking bed-sheet in the market. There are many tried and tested alternatives available at Do not waste $200 on Softology, there are far better alternatives available under $100 at Here are the alternatives
  • Sheex Bed Sheets
  • Bare Home
  • PeachSkinSheets

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