What is Kazu Pillow? and How does it work?

Kazu Pillow Infomercial Video

What is Kazu Pillow?

Kazu Pillow is the latest buckwheat pillow in the “as seen on tv” arena after the much acclaimed “Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow”. It took almost a year for a new “buckwheat pillow” to appear on the as seen on tv stage, in the form of KAZU. When we decided to review the KAZU PILLOW, the first thought was “why is this buckwheat pillow named KAZU“, when we investigated into the meaning of the word KAZU . The Kazu Pillow gets it name from its inventor Dr. Kazu Watanabe (interestingly his name is also associated with the Sobakawa Pillow ). KAZU is a Japanese name for male or female, the word KAZU means a good, calm, peaceful and serene etc. We have observed that pillows have Japanese names like Sobakawa. So the word KAZU in this context means a pillow that gives you peace and comfort.

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What is “Buckwheat”? and Why is it used in the KAZU Pillow?

Before we we go into the details of KAZU PILLOW, lets understand what this “BUCKWHEAT” stuff is? Buckwheat is the name of a crop plant which has gran like seeds. The hull of these buckwheat seeds are used as “fillings” in the buckwheat pillows like the KAZU

Now lets see why “buckwheat” is used as filling in the Kazu Pillow. The buckwheat hull is used in Kazu pillow because:

  • Buckwheat does not insulate heat unlike synthetic fillings. Buckwheat hulls remain cool as they do not “retain” heat, so you don’t sweat in the night.
  • Buckwheat hulls promote air-flow.
  • “Processed” buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic.
  • It is durable and cheap to procure.
  • The adapt to the contours of your neck and head
  • Buckwheat filled pillows like the KAZU provide good support to the neck.

What does the Kazu Pillow do?

The promoters of the Kazu Pillow claim that the know the “Ancient Asian Secret” of peaceful sleeping. The concept of the “ancient” comes in to the picture because buckwheat hulls have been used in pillows from ancient time.

The Kazu Pillow features millions (we doubt this number) of premium buckwheat seed hulls that adjust to perfectly support your head, neck and spine – so say the promoters. They claim that the Kazu Pillow gives you the “custom support” that you need for your muscles to relax. The curled buckwheat hull fillings promote air-flow, keeping the Kazu Pillow “cool”.

What tests have been performed on the Kazu Pillow?

Dumbbell and Egg Test

There are no independent testes performed by any competent agency to authenticate the claims of the Kazu Pillow, but the Kazu infomercial does do a small test to compare the Kazu Pillow’s “support strength” with other fillings like memory-foam and feather fillings. In the test they have four long glass tubes filled with various pillow fillings and a few eggs at the bottom, the last one is the buckwheat fillings the same used in the Kazu Pillow. The tester than drops a heavy dumbbell from the the on the fillings. The dumbbells go down the entire length of the tube and crush the eggs at the bottom, except the buckwheat fillings in the last tube. The eggs remain intact as the buckwheat fillings of the Kazu Pillow hold the “heavy” dumbbell at the top. The test is done to prove the point that buckwheat fillings used in the Kazu Pillow offer more support than any other pillow fillings.

Rolling Ball Test

The second test shows a 10 lbs rolling ball dropped on pillows placed on a glass top. the pillows have various fillings like the earlier test. When the heavy ball is dropped on the pillows, the ball breaks the glass top in all the cases except in the case of buckwheat filled Kazu Pillow. The Kazu Pillow claims to offer enough support to stop the heavy rolling ball in its tracks.

Blow-torch Test

While the first two tests are done to demonstrate the support and strength of the Kazu Pillow, the third test exhibits the heat repelling feature of the Kazu Pillow buckteeth hull fillings. The blow-torch burns the regular pillow fillings like fiber and feather but fails to burn the buckwheat hulls. The test also demonstrate that even after taking the heat from the blow-torch, the buckwheat hulls are “cool to touch”.

What are the features of the Kazu Pillow?

Premium Buckwheat Hull Fillings – These help the Kazu Pillow to remain cool and promote air circulation. They are also claimed to be hypoallergenic.

The Kazu Pillow claims to provide “customized” support to your head, neck and spice. The Kazu Pillow claims to cushion the body parts resting on the pillow. Unlike other pillows that “resits” the weight that is put on them, Kazu Pillow claims to shape according to the weight that rests on it.

Kazu Pillow Price and Availability

Kazu Pillow is priced at $59.99 and costs $9.95 to ship. The Kazu Pillow is available only at the official website: KazuPillow.com.

Company behind the Kazu Pillow

All Star Products Group is the company behind the Kazu Pillow.

What do we have to say about the Kazu Pillow

We think Kazu Pillow is over-rated and there seems to be no difference between the Sobakawa. And the Kazu Pillow looks like Sobakawa, we don’t see any difference between the two (Kazu and Sobakawa Pillow). These two buckwheat pillows are so similar that their infomercial videos are also identical.

The Kazu Pillow infomercial is copy of the Sobakawa buckwheat pillow infomercial

We recommend reading the Kazu Pillow reviews here, its pros and cons, and our verdict on “Does the Kazu Pillow really work” – here, before buying the pillow. Also Kazu Pillow is not the only buckwheat pillow out there, here is comparison between the Kazu Pillow and other buckwheat pillows.

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