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Egg Sleeper Pillow

What is Egg Sleeper?

Egg Sleeper is the latest “Cervical” Pillow being advertised on the TV and is promoted by Telebrands. Egg Sleeper claims to be a super-soft, ultra-comfortable PILLOW that guarantees sound sleep every night. Uncomfortable pillows keep you up all night, you fold, flip and fluff but never get that perfect support you have been searching for.


Egg Sleeper Pillow Use

How does Egg Sleeper work?

Egg Sleeper claims to be so comfortable and supportive that you can run a SUV over it with eggs inside the pillow but they won’t break. You can even sit over the Egg Sleeper pillow with eggs inside (between the two pillows, not literally inside the pillow) the pillow and no eggs crack.


The ergonomic design of the Egg Sleeper claims to cradle your head in comfort. The Egg Sleeper pillow conforms to the shape of your head regardless of your sleeping habits – side sleeper, back sleeper or belly sleeper.


Egg Sleeper Fillings – It claims to have 8 million micro-comfort spheres that evenly disperse the weight of your head and neck as you sleep.


Stability – The Egg Sleeper Pillow demonstrates its stability by having a glass of wine at one end of the pillow and a heavy weight falling on the pillow at the other end. The vibrations don’t make the wine glass fall. This test displays the vibration resistance nature of the pillow – which is essential for comfort.


Egg Sleeper Pillow


Egg Sleeper remains COOL – Pillows inherently retain heat owing to the properties of the filling material. But Egg Sleeper maintains that the air flows right through the pillow (which is demonstrated by the feathers being blown off by the fan below the pillow.) giving you a cool night sleep.


Egg Sleeper REVIEW

About the Name Egg Sleeper

The pillow gets its name Egg Sleeper from the these 2 sources:
  • 1. The way the pillow is being advertised. Telebrands, the promoter of Egg Sleeper Pillow portray it to be so soft that even “eggs” don’t break when placed on the pillow.
  • 2. Buy naming it as “EGG SLEEPER” the promoters are are trying to connect with the earlier two “hit” products by Telebrands “Egg Cushion” and “Side Sleeper Pillow“.
Telebrands is trying to use the success of earlier products to push this pillow.


Fillings – They make outrageous claims like “8 million” micro comfort spheres. The question you should be asking is how can you be sure of it or who counted those 8 million spheres? This is just a marketing gimmick to impress the viewers with high numbers.



Superlatives – Egg Sleeper repeatedly uses superlatives like “super-soft” and “ultra” comfortable in the video and the website. But all these claims are not attested by the actual Egg Sleeper Reviews. It is an example of self-proclaimed advertising.


Egg Sleeper Reviews on


“Its so soft I haven’t felt anything like this before. This is amazing”

Reviewer 1


“Its perfect on any position”

Reviewer 2


“This is definitely the pillow of my dream, now I sleep like a baby and wake up pain free.”

Reviewer 3


Above are the reviews taken from the Egg Sleeper Pillow video, as I said earlier infomercial products have self made reviews that assert and reinforce the benefits of the product. Often buyers don’t realize this and get carried away by the reviews.


Egg Sleeper Review


More than half of the Egg Sleeper video is made up of the user reviews. These are all promotional reviews and not “natural” reviews. No outside agency has attested the ingenuity of these reviews. As a buyer don’t get carried away by such paid reviews concocted by the promoters of Egg Sleeper. The topics in the Egg Sleeper reviews are carefully chosen to address the most common issues concerned with a sleeping pillow. These issues are:
  • Softness and Firmness of the pillow
  • Comfortable in any position
  • No stiff neck and headache when you wake up.
Egg Sleeper Run Over by Car


So the marketers of the Egg Sleeper Pillow are cleverly trying to convince us (the buyers) that this particular pillow addresses all the issues and is a perfect sleeping solution for everyone. Now this is very important because even the best of the best “sleeping pillow” is going to have “mixed” opinion.


This is because each human body is unique in its size, shape, weight etc and also do differ are our sleeping habits (side, belly and back) and to it our choice of soft and had pillow and you have an infinite number of options. This makes it incredibly difficult to have one pillow that will make everyone happy. So it is impossible that all users agree that a particular pillow is “the perfect pillow”.


Manufacturer of the Egg Sleeper Pillow

Egg Sleeper Pillow is not made by a company that specializes in health, sleep and bedding products. But it is promoted by the as seen on tv company Telebrands. This is an important fact to consider because this gives you an insight into the quality and benefits of the Egg Sleeper Pillow. The question you should ask is how can an “As Seen On TV” company come up with the most comfortable pillow when they don’t have that kind of experience. There are no patents associated with the Egg Sleeper Pillow.


Egg Sleeper claims to be comfortable


Price: Egg Sleeper Pillow is priced at $15 but you cannot buy one pillow. It is a classic “as seen on tv” rip-off where you have to buy 2 pillows for $30. Also the pillow is available only with the official website:


Firm or Soft: The marketers of the Egg Sleeper provide no information pertaining to the the feel of the pillow. We are not sure if it is soft or firm.


Size/Dimensions and Weight: There is also no information about the size/dimension and the weight of the pillow.


Egg Sleeper Conforms to the shape of your head and neck

Our Verdict on Egg Sleeper Pillow

Egg Sleeper is not the only cervical pillow available. There are tons of these tried and tested cervical pillows on Of course the benefits and features of the Side Sleeper are over exaggerated. But if you want to try out a cervical pillow than we would recommend the “Roscoe Cervical Pillow and Neck Pillow For Sleeping – Indented Contour Pillow for Sleeping on Back or Side” or the “Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow”.

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