Dream Wing Pillow Review

What is Dream Wings Pillow?

Ordinary pillows make your head fall to right and left, you slide off the pillow. Some people may find this un-comfortable as they have to adjust the pillow everytime their head slip off! Dream Wings Pillow by Sharper Image claims to be one of its kind pillow that cradles and supports your head not matter which position you sleep in.

Dream Wing Pillow Review

What’s Special About the Dream Wings Pillow?

According to the product review on the official website GetDreamWing.com, the pillow features bolstered wing design that keeps your head in the perfect position maintaining proper posture and spine alignment. The company claims that though Dream Pillow is meant for back sleepers, it supports side sleepers equally well. The upright shape of the Dream Wing Pillow claims to support your head with soothing spine alignment. The promoters of Dream Wing Pillow claim that it creates the perfect angle for your neck and head helping you breathe easier.

Are you a stomach sleeper?

Not a problem, the Dream Wing Pillow claims that you can slide your arm through the pillow! The Dream Wing Pillow claims to be light weight and flexible. You can carry it with you anywhere you travel, car, bus, plane and more. The Dream Wing Pillow is supposed to be cool and comfortable. The pillow is machine washable and dryer safe.

The Support Test

The official website demo shows a bowling alley ball placed in the Dream Wing Pillow does not slide down even when inclined!


Dream Wing Pillow is available only at the official website GetDreamWing.com. The pillow comes with pillowcase, the Dream Wing Pillow costs $30 and $9.98 p&h.


The Dream Wing Pillow measures 14.56 in (W) x 10.62 in (H) x 7.28 in (D) which is considerably less (78%) compared to standard size pillows.

Dream Wing Pillow

Ok so we have another as seen on tv pillow that has everything for everybody. A pillow meant for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and a travel pillow! So what do the users have to say about this winged pillow.

Jack of All Trades

One reviewer mentions that like all other TV pillows this pillow too is gimmicky that claims to provide sleeping solution to everybody. Sot of “Jack of All Trades and Master of the None”.

Not Comfortable

The Dream Wing Pillow is not at all comfortable and hurts your neck, claim many reviews. “The pillow is good only in THEORY but has not practical use at all” says one buyer. Maybe a child can use it but that too not sure why should he? there is nothing useful about this pillow. The winged pillow is shorter than normal pillows, so if you are habituated of sleeping with higher “spine angle“, you will find the Dream Wing Pillow too short. The wings are too soft to serve any useful purpose. Many reviewers mention that it is very awkward to use in any position. The pillow being small, you cannot move your head freely giving you a stiff neck in the morning.

Too Small

The Dream Wing Pillow is just too small to use it as an effective night pillow. “It is very awkward to use, you have to fit your head in between the two wings and you have no way to move your head, that is so uncomfortable. You cannot sleep on this “winged” pillow whole night!” one review says. “This winged pillow is a big joke! this is just one of those revolutionary as seen on tv inventions that will change the way we sleep, don’t believe all that nonsense”, one user ridicules the concept of the “Winged” Dream Pillow.

Not for Stomach Sleepers

The Winged pillow is not suited for stomach sleepers either. Here are the excerpts from the reviews of stomach sleepers.

“You put all your weight on the tiny Dream Wing Pillow and it goes flat.”
“The Dream Wing Pillow just does not have enough area to support you head when you sleep on your stomach.”
“The so called “wings” are too soft and even a small head of child can make it go flat.”
“The space between the wings just disappear and you cannot put your hand through, not even a child’s hand.”

Too Fancy

One reviewer mentions in his comments that the As Seen On TV guys keep coming up with these stupid revolutionary ideas and thrust this crap on us. He further mentions in the review, “The Dream Wing Pillow is a hybrid of an arched pillow and a travel pillow and is good at none. You cannot have one pillow for everything. I am really surprised that this is being promoted on HSN!!”, the review further states. “This winged pillow is the most stupidest things I have seen lately”, says another reviewer.

Good for Short Naps and Travel

The Dream Wing Pillow is not something you can rest your head for the whole night, but a few reviews do mention that it can come handy for short naps on the couch or while watching TV. It is good to rest your head on when sitting in an upright position. You can use the Dream Wing Pillow like a cushion to rest your head on, while traveling. The compact size of the winged pillow makes it ideal for travels.

Our Verdict

We don’t see any reasons why you should buy this “revolutionary” Dream Wing Pillow. As the reviews mention it is practically useless. “Do not buy the Sharper Image Dream Wing Pillow” – is our verdict. Though the Dream Wing Pillow boasts a unique design, it is certainly not revolutionary. As the reviews above point out, there is no scientific basis to the Dream Wing Pillow.

Pillows, is a huge market in Northern America and inventors come up with various designs to meet the requirements of the evolving needs. Most of these pillows are designed from usability perspective, though they look odd. Most of these pillows have specific purpose like neck support, travel pillows, hoodies etc. But sadly the Dream Wing Pillow being a multi-purpose pillow fails on all the fronts.

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