Secret Strips | Review

Here is the review of the As Seen On TV Under Eye Strips



What are “Secret Strips”?

Secret Strips claim to be ALL NEW under-eye silicone strips with the patented “Microcrystal Matrix technology”. As per the official website [] review, The Secret Strips instantly plump the skin under your eyes, improving the appearance of deep wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and puffiness around the eyes – this too after one application. The more Secret Strips you use, better are the results. The signs of aging first appear on the skin under your eyes. The wrinkles around your eyes make you look very tired and much older than you actually are! hence you need Secret Strips!

Secret Strips | Review

The official website [] testimonials by the users of varied ethnicity, claim that the strips make the skin so hydrated that the wrinkles have almost disappeared. But the “user reviews” run counter to the claims and testimonials on the official website

The promoters of the Secret Strips claim that 93% of the subjects who tried the strips reported reduction in fine lines. While, 97% subjects reported smoothing of deep wrinkles. Though they do not reveal the details of the test. We seriously doubt these claims as these tests are not done by any competent lab.


Secret Strips | Results



How to use Secret Strips?

Clean your eyes with warm water and make they dry. Remove the Secret Strip from the pouch and apply it just below the eyes. Some people find the Secret Strips to be slippery. Keep the Secret Strips applied for about 20 minutes for better results. Remove the strips and massage the skin around your eyes. Based on the reviews we analyzed, you should see some results in about 30 minutes. You won’t see results instantly with Secret Strips, it would take at-least a week to see visible results. It is recommended to use the Secret Strips daily for a week if you are looking ahead for an event. Suggested usage is 2 to 3 times a week.


What is Microcrystal Matrix Technology?

We searched all over the internet but could not find any useful information pertaining to the so called “Microcrystal Matrix Technology” used in the Secret Strips. This is probably just a gimmicky made-up term to give the Secret Strips a “scientific” touch. The supposed feature creates a microcrystal honeycomb net that stretches across the entire under-eye area. Neither is the technology patented by


Secret Strips Ingredients

The Secret Strips contain following ingredients:
  • HYALURONIC ACID – It is no stranger to the human skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found in the human skin. It’s function is to retain water, that is the reason why it is used in the Secret Strips.
  • PEPTIDES – They are the building blocks of amino acids and form the building blocks of collagen, elastin and keratin. These proteins give your skin the requisite strength and texture.


Though Secret Strips contain all the ingredients that help your skin look younger, it is not a miracle product. Most important thing to note is that the volume of these ingredients is very small to have an instant effect on your skin. When we reviewed other under-eye patches we found that there are some better alternatives that also contain Aloe Vera.


Advantages of Secret Strips

  • It is a bit of a hassle to get the Secret Strips on the right spot, you have to hold your face right to place the strips on the right spot. Once placed, the strips do seem to work for moderate wrinkles.
  • The Secret Strips do not work for dark circles and “serious” under-eye puffs.
  • Once applied the Secret Strips provide a cool, soothing and firming sensation.
  • A good routine to incorporate in your battle against your under eye wrinkles. Remember Secret Strips alone will not give you the desired results but when used in combination with other methods it will boost the results.


Disadvantages of Secret Strips

  • Too Much of Hassle – The Secret Strips are a pain to apply under the eyes.
  • Not Very Moisturizing – There isn’t much moisture in the Secret Strips. The Secret Strips don’t offer the kind of moisturization that you would get from other sources like the under-eye creams. The strips dry out fast, especially if you over-use them. The strips are strictly meant to be applied only for about 20 minutes, don’t extend the application beyond the intended duration thinking it would be more beneficial. They dry out fast and would give you a burning sensation. These Secret Strips are not to be used during night while sleeping.
  • Burning Sensation – Some skin types may experience burning sensation if placed too close to the eyes.
  • No Instant Results
  • – People who have used the Secret Strips have reported that they didn’t see any significant difference.
  • A Bit Messy – As the Secret Strips are slimy. But they ought to be as they are enriched with the skin firming ingredients. But being slimy the strips tend to slide.
  • Results are not Permanent – The Secret Strips deliver results that are not long lasting. You need to continue using the strips to “maintain” the firmness of the skin. The puffiness & wrinkles come back once you stop using the strips.


Do the Secret Strips Work?

The Secret Strips work moderately well. Don’t expect too much from these strips and too soon. As the reviews reveal, they work even better when you incorporate them in your already existing anti-wrinkle regime. Secret Strips alone cannot deliver the results, especially if the aging of the skin is too severe. Secret Strips vs


Our Verdict on Secret Strips

Though the ingredients of Secret Strips have great benefits, it is not a magical wand that would make your under-eye wrinkles, fine-lines and puffiness – disappear. As they claim the official review video. Neither are the secret Strips the only under-eye anti-wrinkle strips out there in the market. There are several of them and they are tried and tested.

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