Nuface Fix vs Trinity ELE vs Mini


Compare What is it? Nuface Fix vs Trinity ELE vs Mini


Nuface Fix, Nuface Trinity ELE and NuFace Mini are Micro-current skin care devices that tighten, firm and smooth your facial skin. The purpose of all the three devices is to reduce fine-lines and wrinkles, improve facial contour and facial tone. While all the three devices serve the same purpose and work on the same micro-current technology, they differ in probe size, application, intensity and price. Nuface Fix – As the name suggests, it is meant for quick “FIX” firming, tightening and smoothing. NuFace Fix device is to be used in conjunction with NuFACE FIX Serum.
NuFace Trinity ELE – “ELE” (ELE stands for Effective Lip and Eye) is an micro-current treatment attachment for the TRINITY model of NuFace. It is meant for more prolonged treatments, penetrates deeper in your facial skin and is meant for smaller areas of your facial skin.
Nuface Mini – It is the hand-held “portable” version of the original Nuface and can be carried in your purse.


Compare how does it work? Nuface Fix vs Trinity ELE vs Mini

As mentioned above all the three devices make use of the Micro-Current skincare treatment that have been used in professional spas. These Nuface devices (Mini, FIX and ELE) claim to offer the same benefits and results at-home. Micro-Current uses SAFE electrical impulses to stimulate your facial tissues the effect of this toning is that it tightens the tissues, lifts sagging skin and gives your skin a more youthful look because it also promotes the generation of collagen.


Compare Technology: Nuface Fix vs Trinity ELE vs Mini

At the very core – Nuface Fix, Nuface Trinity ELE an Nuface Mini all use the Micro-Current Facelift technology. They do differ in treatment regime though.


Compare How to use It? Nuface Fix vs Trinity ELE vs Mini

Nuface Fix – It is to be used along with the NuFace Fix Serum. First cleanse your face and apply the NuFace Fix Serum on your face, then use the Nuface Fix with its feathering technique to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. How to use Trinity ELE Beging with clean, dry skin and begin with applying the Nuface Primer to the designated areas. Always keep both the strobes on the skin. Target the area around the lower lip first. Cleanse skin and apply NuFACE FIX™ Line Smoothing Serum. SMOOTH: Use the NuFACE FIX™ Device ‘feathering’ technique, a quick erasing motion, to smooth away the look of fine lines and wrinkles around eyes, mouth, forehead and nasolabial folds. Treat each area for 3 minutes up to 2 times per day.

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