My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror REVIEW | Compact Lighted Folding Mirror As Seen On TV

What is My Flip-Up Vanity?

Has putting up the makeup become a hassle for you?. Do you struggle then you have to struggle putting up the makeup?. Are you putting the makeup in low light? As Seen On TV company Tristar Products INC has launched a new makeup mirror cum makeup accessory holder – The My Flip-up Vanity.


My Flip-Up Vanity


How does My Flip-Up Vanity work?

My Flip-Up Vanity claims to be a 360 Degree Lighted (It is powered by USB or 4 AAA batteries.) tri-fold vanity mirror that not only gives you true shadow-less white light but also has compartments to organize your makeup accessories. Just flip it up and fold it out. The design of the tri-fold distortion free mirrors of My Flip-Up Vanity put the right amount of “white-light” on your face. The shadow-less perimeter linear LED light is true-white. The promoters of the My Flip-Up Vanity claim that the white-light gives you the real perspective of how a particular shade would look.


My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror


The tri-fold lighted mirrors of My Flip-Up Vanity claims to give you a panoramic view of your entire face in the white LED light. The My Flip-Up Vanity mirror tilts to any vertical angle so you don’t have to move your face up and down to get clear view of your makeup.


For precision styling the My Flip-Up Vanity lighted mirror comes with a Magnetic Mirror with 7X magnifying power. Just snap the magnetic mirror on the bigger mirror to get a closure view of your face. The snap-on mirror is great for putting on contact lenses, sucking brows, perfecting a lip line or fastening tinny clamps.


My Flip Up Vanity with Magnifying Mirror


My Flip-Up Vanity is not just a mirror

My Flip-Up Vanity also claims to be a handy makeup organizer and storage system. The My Flip-Up Vanity features five deep compartments with multi-shape dividers. They also claim that the My Flip-Up Vanity mirror cum makeup organizer is compact enough to fit in your regular suitcase to carry it with you wherever you go. Being compact in size the promoters claim that you can put the My Flip-Up Vanity on your office desk, great for students living in dorms.


My Flip Up Vanity Mirror Features


My Flip-Up Vanity REVIEW

My Flip-Up Vanity Advantages

There is nothing much impressive about the My Flip-Up Vanity. The only thing that My Flip-Up Vanity scores on is the price of $20. all other branded vanity mirrors cost around $25. But I were to choose, I would not consider the meager price difference and go for the branded one.


My Flip-Up Vanity Disadvantages

The My Flip-Up Vanity mirror has more disadvantages than advantages when compared with other compact makeup mirrors. Based on the reviews we have received we have ascertained the pros and cons of the My Flip-Up Vanity mirror.
  • Insufficient Lighting – The most common complaint about the My Flip-Up Vanity mirror is the “poor lighting”. Users mention in their My Flip-Up Vanity reviews that you have to get very close to the mirror to get a better view and still the lighting is insufficient. You need to have additional lighting for a clear view. Also the light intensity(brightness) cannot be adjusted.
  • My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror is Small in Size – This is a small vanity mirror and you have to constantly adjust it to get a view of your face. It is also a bit clumsy to maneuver (which you have to do all the time). It is too small to be placed on a makeup table.
  • Difficult to use – The other dig complaint about My Flip-Up Vanity is that it is very light weight and falls with a slightest jerk or movement. This is particularly annoying when you have to reposition it.
  • Fragile – The My Flip-Up Vanity unit is very fragile and you have to be very careful because the mirrors crack very easily. My Flip-Up Vanity is not a sturdy design.
  • Cheap Quality – users mention in their reviews that the overall built of the My Flip-Up Vanity is cheap.
  • Height Cannot be adjusted – The My Flip-Up Vanity mirror is short in height and the height cannot be adjusted. So you have to bend in the knees to get “face to face” with the mirror.
  • Not Enough Magnification – The My Flip-Up Vanity mirror does not magnify your reflection. You have to use the “tiny” square mirror to have a magnified view. Also oval or round mirror have better visibility than the square ones.


Deceptive Marketing Techniques

My Flip-Up Vanity employs a lot of deceptive marketing techniques to promote their sub-standard vanity mirror. Here are some of the unjustified claims:
  • 360 Degree View – The My Flip-Up Vanity mirror does not give you complete view of your head. 360 degree would mean the complete view of your head. That’s not true. It gives only a max 120 degree view of your face.
  • Automatically Adjusts – They claim that the mirror adjusts to the light automatically, which is utterly false. The only thing that adjusts in the My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror is the viewing angle i.e the vanity mirror can be tilted up or down but not sideways.
  • Dimensions not Mentioned
  • – One reviewer points out that My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror website does not mention the size and weight of the product. One possible explanation could be that the vanity mirror is really small in size and they don’t want the buyers to know about it.
  • No Detailed Pictures – The My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror does not provide vivid images of the product from all the sides. There are no images of the compartment box that holds the makeup accessory. This could be because the details could reveal the fact that not much stuff fits into the vanity box.
  • Number of LEDs – There is also no information about the number of LEDs used in the linear lighting in the mirror. Other branded lighted mention the number of LED lights used in their mirrors. This gives the buyer a good idea about the illumination to expect. The reason why My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror promoters do not reveal such important information is because there are very few LED lights in the My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror.
  • Over-Hyped Vanity Organizer – The My Flip-Up video showing number of makeup accessories fitting in the vanity organizer is exaggerated.
  • High Shipping Charges – The My Flip-Up Vanity is available only at the official website and is priced at $20. They say the shipping is free, but remember you still have to pay $10 to send the mirror back to the seller.
  • $50 Value – The promoters try to lure in the buyers into buying the My Flip-Up Vanity by claiming that they are getting a “$50 value” for $20, which is incorrect. You have to pay a separate $10 for the second My Flip-Up Vanity mirror. That takes the total amount to $30 and not $20.


Our Verdict on My Flip-Up Vanity

The mirror is aptly named “My Flip-Up Vanity” because it is easy to just “flip it up” and fold it out, wherever you need it. But does the My Flip-Up Vanity Mirror really work as claimed? the answer is NO.


Portable, folding and compact lighted mirrors have been there for quiet long. There is nothing special about the My Flip Up Vanity mirror. The only specialty about the My Flip-Up Vanity mirrors is the makeup organizer box. Given the disadvantages of the My Flip-Up Vanity mirror, it is just okay if you are going to use it on tours. But if you are looking for something at home or a dorm to be used daily, then My Flip-Up Vanity is not the right choice. Don’t get sucked by the promotional reviews in the My Flip-Up Vanity video on the official website My Flip-Up Vanity – Neither are the mirrors so great nor the lighting.


We do not recommend the My Flip-Up Vanity mirror at all. there are far better tried, tested and branded compact lighted magnifying vanity mirrors out there. Here are a few:
  • RICHEN DeWEISN Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror for $27
  • KOOLORBS Lighted Makeup Mirror for $25
  • DeWEISN Tri-Flod Lighted Vanity Mirror with 21 LED Lights for $26
For more information about buying Lighted Vanity Mirrors, please see this resource – Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

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