My FoldAway Compact Review

My FoldAway Compact Claims

What is My FoldAway Compact?

My FoldAway Compact

My FoldAway Compact is a product that looks to make the lives of women more comfortable.  We live in a world where the looks matter than anything and thus we always end up in a washroom somewhere in public to make sure that our makeup is intact or our hair not messed up. My FoldAway Compact looks to change these visits to the public washrooms.

My FoldAway Compact is a mirror that can help you no matter where you are. The product is actually two mirrors which are joined at a hinge. The mirrors also come with built-in LED lights so that no matter how dark it is outside, you can always check your looks on the go instead of having to search for a light. 

The sleek and compact design of the product, like the name suggests, makes carrying the My FoldAway Compact everywhere easy thus giving you a peek at any time you want.

How does My FoldAway Compact work?

The working of the My FoldAway Compact is pretty simple and is quite similar to any other portable mirror. The mirror has a good quality glass which means that you can see yourself quite clearly. The LED lights can be turned on with a switch during low light conditions. The built-in phone charger is also another interesting aspect of the product which can be used in emergencies to charge your phone.

How to use the My FoldAway Compact?

My FoldAway Compact

Using the My FoldAway Compact is as easy as using any other compact mirror on the go. All you have to do is open it up and marvel at your fantastic self. The lights on the mirror can be turned on with the flick of a single button which can be very handy. The process when you need to charge your phone using the My FoldAway Compact is pretty simple too. You plug in your phone to a charging cable and then insert the wire into the My FoldAway Compact. Make sure you charge your My FoldAway Compact from time to time to have enough juice.

The Name My FoldAway Compact

The name My FoldAway Compact tries to use characteristics of the product as the name which makes it appealing to customers because it defines the product to the customer. The possessive pronoun ‘MY’ is also used to indicate a level of privacy which works to make you buy the product.

My FoldAway Compact Claim Analysis

The My FoldAway Compact makes pretty big claims for any product in this segment, so let’s check how they hold up.

My FoldAway Compact

  • Two Mirrors in your palms
    This claim is true to its word as compared to the other ones that we will see before. The tow mirrors do exist and the fact that they are small means that they will fit in your palm as well. The issue with this claim is the small size of the mirror and the poor quality. These two factors let down the mirror and thus render the claim useless. A higher quality mirror that was compact enough as well as big enough to see yourself is not the thing you can expect from this product.
  • Built-in, Super bright LED lights
    The My FoldAway Compact does have built-in LED lights which is a great feature to have in a compact mirror because places tend to light in a more modest way than you would like. This feature would have lived up to its hype had it been put some work into. The lights, unlike the claim, are not bright enough for any conditions which beat their purpose. The lights are not appropriately positioned either which means that the lights either reflect off the mirror which means that you can see anything or they don’t illuminate your face as they should. This feature seems more of a gimmick than something you can use in real life.
  • Built-in Portable Phone Charger
    The My FoldAway Compact does have a built-in portable charger which is a great feature to have but only if it works. The problem with this claim is that the charger is very slow to charge your phone or even charge itself using a charger in the first place. Secondly, the My FoldAway Compact has a tiny battery capacity which means that it is highly insufficient to charge your phone. The cable for charging your phone is not included in the box either. All this makes the claim more or less bogus.

My FoldAway Compact Price Analysis

The My FoldAway Compact is available for $19.99 on the product website. This includes the price for one unit. The shipping and handling costs on the product are included. The brand also offers you a second unit for free wherein you have pay $6.95 fee.

The product also offers a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

Offer Analysis

My FoldAway Compact

The product can be bought in the multiples of one unit. The payment for the My FoldAway Compact can be made using credit cards from Visa, MasterCard as well as American Express.

Reviews on the Product site

The product site of My FoldAway Compact does not have any reviews for the product and are most likely to have been removed because of the negative nature of the comments. The unavailability of reviews is a red flag in itself.

My FoldAway Compact Review

The My FoldAway Compact makes quite a few promises which the buyers fall for and get cheated.

The urge to buy a product like this can be understandable by how convenient it makes your life but buying the product could only be justified if the product lived up to its word. All the claims made by the product on the website are on the fake side of things which is what lets down what could be a great product.

Had the creator made the product a good one rather than the knockoff it currently is, it could be a fantastic product.

Our Verdict

Our verdict on the My FoldAway Compact is that you can save yourself $19.99 by not buying this. We would have loved for this to be it, the product that ladies have been looking for the longest of time but unfortunately it is not, so skip this one while browsing online.

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