LipStim Reviews

What is LipStim?

LipStim claims to give your lips a deep infrared photo-therapy, combined with the included daily serum consisting peptides and moisturizers – make your lips healthy, radiant and fuller lips. The LipStim claims to give instant visible results everytime you use it. The promoters of LipStim claim in the ad that the beauty device is not just for lips but also treats the skin round the lips, improving texture and elasticity.

LipStim Reviews

How does LipStim work?

The mouthpiece bathes the lips and surrounding area of the skin with Infrared light that supposedly stimulates the flow of blood and promotes the production of collagen and elastin. The included “Intense Lip Therapy Cream and Daily Serum” improves the hydration to the lips and surrounding skin, giving your lips a deeper natural colour.

How to use the LipStim?

In the first step apply the included activation gloss to your lips. Make sure the lips are clean and dry. Then plug the USB cord (included with the LipStim Kit) into the mouthpiece, the opposite end of the cord goes into the smartphone. The last step is to put the mouthpiece into the mouth for ten minutes.

What is the color of the light?

The color of the IR-Light emitted by LipStim is RED.

What to Expect?

The Official LipStim website ( claims you can expect Reduced Wrinkles, Increased Lip-Size, Firmer Lips, Improved Hydration and Fewer Wrinkles and Fold. Improvement in the tone of the lips, improved blood circulation and collagen production. Reduction in the appearances of lip creases, vertical lip lines and appearance of smile lines.

LipStim Before and After

Does Infrared Therapy Really Work?

As per the tests conducted by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the six-month Infra-red light therapy showed an improvement of 51% to 75% in the texture of the skin and 25% to 50% improvement in the color tone. One reviewer cautions in his comment that though the concept does really work, it does not mean that the application of this technology would also work in exactly the same manner, especially in the Use-at-Home device like the LipStim. There are a lot of other factors that could affect the working of at-home devices.

What to expect from LipStim

When to Expect the Results?

LightStim users have reported to that these devices make no difference whatsoever. Our experts maintain that it takes time for the Infrared light therapy devices like the LipStim to show the results with the minimum being six months. Most of the negative reviews are from those users who haven’t tried the LipStim device for a full six months. One reviewer points out that the official LipStim website intentionally does not disclose the information regarding the time it takes to show results.

Are there any Side-Effects?

Generally, there are no adverse effects of LipStim devices. But it may cause mild skin irritability and headache for some people. Its better not to take the LipStim device near your eyes, points out one reviewer. Pregnant women and those having cancer or any other serious condition should consult physician before using the LipStim.

Whats Special about the LipStim?

One reviewer explains how the LipStim differs from other Infrared therapy devices. While other Infrared devices are meant to treat you whole face, the LightStim covers only the lip and surrounding area. REVIVE LIGHT THERAPY LIP CARE is the only other device that is meant specifically for lip treatment.

The LipStim is the first infrared device that is powered by your smartphone. The benefit of being powered by your smartphone is that you can use the LipStim device anywhere, you just need to have your phone with you.

Should you trust the LipStim?

When we asked our users if they trusted the claims made by the promoters on the official website TryLipStim, most of them were skeptical. Most reviewers reported that they did not trust the reviews on the official LipStim website and warned people not to get sucked in. “The fact that they hide important information raises doubts about the quality and efficiency of the light therapy device. The website also does not provide critical information like the frequency of the IR-light, treatment time, cleaning and caring instructions etc”, the reviews say.

Is the LipStim FDA Approved?

NOPE. The LipStim is not approved or cleared by the FDA.

Short Cord

One review mentions that the cord of the LipStim is too short and you have to hold the phone in the hand while the mouthpiece is attached to the lips.

Is this a new concept?

Nope, the LipStim is not the only Infrared Light Therapy Device in the market, ReVive Light Therapy is a tried and tested infrared device specifically for Lips. Both the devices work on the same principle.

Personal Use Only

Our product expert mentions in his comment that the LipStim is to be used by one person only. Since you attach the device to your mouth it is not advisable to share the device with others, especially in these troubled times. Also for quicker results you are not supposed to use the device more than once per day and each session should not exceed ten minutes.

Only LipStim won’t be Effective

Our beauty expert mentions in her review not to depend on LipStim alone to get firmer and toned up lips. Along with the LipStim (and the included serum and balm) she recommends using other methods of reducing wrinkles around lips, such as vitamin enriched Chapstick. She recommends the following guide for Lip Care.


LipStim is available at the official website only and is priced at $59.99. The shipping is free. The kit includes:
  • LED Powered LipStim Mouthpiece
  • Activation Gloss
  • Daily Maintenance Balm
  • USB Adapter

Our Verdict

When we asked our experts to give the final verdict on LipStim, they said there are better tried and tested alternatives in the market. One more thing to consider when buying such “sensitive” devices is the manufacturer. The official website provides no information about the manufacturing company. It is most likely that the LipStim device is Made in China. The company that promotes the LipStim device is “Allstar Innovations” an “As Seen On TV” company known for marketing substandard infomercial products.

ReVive Light Therapy is renowned brand that manufactures such devices and we recommend it over the LipStim.

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