Flawless Pedi by Finishing Touch Review | FlawlessPedi.com Review

What is “Flawless Pedi”?

Flawless Pedi is a cordless salon quality pedicure tool that claims to give you smooth, beautiful, youthful looking feet in the comfort and safety of your own home. As per the website FlawlessPedi.com, Flawless Pedi is dermatologist approved and promises to remove and smooth unwanted tough calluses, dead skin, cracked dry skin and rough areas both instantly and painlessly.


Flawless Pedi by Finishing Touch Review | FlawlessPedi.com Review


How does “Flawless Pedi” Work?

Flawless Pedi features a streamlined designed which makes it easy to use, allowing for a more natural back-and-forth motion. With its uniquely angled feature, you can use Flawless Pedi to easily reach those difficult to reach areas to give you the flawless results you always wanted. Flawless Pedi promises to be the perfect device to use for heels, toes, sides and balls of your feet leaving you with perfectly smooth impeccable results every time you use it.

Flawless Pedi Before & After

According to the website FlawlessPedi.com, the Flawless Pedi pedicure device works by using a round foot file that rotates when placed on your feet. When you slide the device over your feet, the file moves and start to remove dead and dry skin and calluses, leaving you with feet that are smooth and flawless.

FlawlessPedi.com Features

With two speed controls, and a built-in LED light, Flawless Pedi allows for a precision detailing pedicure so you never ever miss a spot. Use the Flawless Pedi to give your feet to an at-home salon-style pedicure!

FlawlessPedi.com Uses

The website FlawlessPedi.com states that Flawless Pedi is designed with 2 replaceable micro-exfoliating treatment heads roller heads: one for smoothing your feet (coarse head) and one for polishing your feet (fine head). The coarse roller head is designed to eliminate dry cracked skin and calluses and the fine roller head is designed to gently polish your feet leaving you with silky soft and smooth looking skin.

FlawlessPedi.com Before & After

Flawless Pedi Pricing

Flawless Pedi is priced at $19.99 + Free Shipping. The Flawless Pedi is available only at the official website FlawlessPedi.com. The kit includes:
  • 1 Flawless Pedi Unit
  • 1 Coarse Head for Smoothing
  • 1 Fine Head for Polishing Your Feet

Flawless Pedi Review

Nothing Special

One reviewer writes that the Flawless Pedi is okay, it doesn’t seem very different than the other brands that she has used. It comes with 3 heads, one seems fine but the other 2 feels the same to touch and there is no indication on which one is meant to be rough or medium rough.

Not as Advertised

Another reviewer mentions that the Flawless Pedi works but it takes a while because hers didn’t include the “rough grinding head”, it included two of the “medium grinding head” instead. She says otherwise it is good but suggests you shouldn’t get confident that you’ll get exactly what is advertised.

Not a Heavy Duty Pedi

Not very happy with the Flawless Pedi, one reviewer mentions that if you do your heels frequently, then it’s probably good enough. But if you have more serious callus, it will take hours to get the job done. Reviewers write that the Flawless Pedi worked the first time they used it but then the head of it started to pop off very easily. Also, the stones aren’t that rough so if you have really dry heals, it won’t do much to take it off. It just sands down the top to make them feel soft but isn’t actually removing dead skin. Not bad for the money but you would be better off getting another device or a manual Pedi.

Something Positive

A number of reviewers say that the Flawless Pedi has a stylish design. It is easy to change the roller heads and overall easy to use, just don’t expect any miracles to happen. Those who have rougher skin on their heels say that the Flawless Pedi doesn’t seem to make much difference compared to their manual foot file.

Many reviewers say that if you don’t have a lot of skin to take off, then it is for you. One reviewer says that she like the way Flawless Pedi looks and feels and the overall concept. She adds that she barely any calluses on her feet and found that if applying even light pressure while using the tool, the spinning sand paper stops. She felt like she needed to apply some pressure to get results but the rotator stops.

Does not remove Calluses

Unhappy with the Flawless Pedi, many reviewers mention that it doesn’t work as well on callus or dry skin. Disappointed with the Flawless Pedi, one user says that if you have thick calluses, be prepared to work on it for a long time. It took her about 45 minutes just for one foot. Not that strong, and dies too fast.

Neither too happy nor disappointed with the Flawless Pedi, one reviewer says that she likes the rechargeable battery feature. She discovered it is necessary to hold near the roller to keep it moving. Not top of the line but price was fair.

Not a Miracle Tool

One reviewer mentions in her review that the Flawless Pedi is effective but not a miracle tool. One would certainly have to use it frequently to properly remove calluses. There is nowhere to trap what is removed so it is a bit messy.

Flawless Pedi Stalls

Many reviewers complain that you cannot press the roller too close to the skin without the roller stalling. This also causes the motor to run which can cause a burnout. One reviewer complains that she used the rough head of the Flawless Pedi thinking it was going to give her super smooth feet but it didn’t do much. It did get rid of some dead skin. Another reviewer writes that the battery of Flawless Pedi is good however you will need to spend a lot of time in the shower for it to work. She thinks it’s mostly for dry use.


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  1. Can anyone please tell me how to charge this unit? I plug it in with the cord and the light turns on, but only for a minute then the light turns off and no charging. I really liked the product until the battery needed to be charged. So after a few tries, I ordered another thinking I had a bad one. Same problem. I would really like to keep this and be able to use, maybe I am doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Susan

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