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What is a Backview Mirror?

It is a three-way adjustable, foldable makeup mirror that you can hang just anywhere to get the view of the side of your head for hassle free styling and makeup. It is impossible to view the back of your head/neck when styling your hair with the regular mirror, but the promoters of Backview Mirror claim in their review that it is possible with their Backview Mirror.

How does the Backview Mirror work?

The Backview mirror can be hung from a door thanks to its two telescopic rods and scratch-proof hooks that let you adjust the position of the mirror. You then unfold the Backview mirror and adjust the position of each mirror to get the side view of your head. Many reviewers feel that this is too much of an hassle to style your hair.

The Backview Mirror by Foldaway claims to be lightweight and durable. The mirrors are claimed to be made from high quality distortion-free glass but the promoters fail to provide the specifications of the glass. “You boast so much about the ease and functionality of your mirror and don’t provide basic information like the dimensions and specifications? this is a rip-off”, says one product expert in his review.

The Backview mirror is lightweight and compact to carry along in your luggage. It also converts into a tabletop vanity mirror unlike the plastic ones though. “Place the mirror vertically to get the full view of your face and neck in the big mirror”, they official manufacturer review mentions in the video.

Pricing The Backview Mirror by My Foldaway is priced at $29.99 + Fre S/h. It is available at the official website, the website owned by Emson INC, the leaders in “As Seen On TV” products.

Expert’s Opinion About the Backview Mirror by Foldaway?

Too Much Hassle

One expert says that this Backview mirror is too much of an hassle for everyday makeup and hair-styling. “You can view the back of your head by holding a small mirror in your hand and standing with your back at a bigger mirror. You can see the reflection of your back in the smaller mirror in your hand, you can raise the hand and move it sideways to get the full-view of your back and side. You don’t need a fancy mirror like the Backview”, the reviewer claims.

It Cannot be Rotated

Another disadvantage of the Backview mirror is that it cannot be rotated. “The mirror is find to view the side and back of your head but what about viewing the top of your head. There is no way you can rotate the Backview mirror when it is hanging. This Backview mirror is a joke and do not buy it”, one of our product experts say in her review.

This Should be Named “Side-view Mirror”

One user claims that this mirror should be named “Side-view mirror” and not Backview mirror because there is no way you can see the back of your head with this. “It is pretty evident from the video picture on the website, you don’t need to buy and try the mirror to realize this.” It would work better as a tabletop mirror than a hanging one.

Okay If You Don’t Have a Larger Mirror Then there are certain reviews which claim that the Backview mirror can come in handy when you don’t have bigger mirrors like in dorms. But their use is very limited and the mirror is too big to be used as a tabletop vanity mirror.

No Illumination and Magnification

The Backview mirror does not have LED lights and hence they cannot illuminate your face. Also you cannot magnify the reflection on the Backview mirror, many buyers consider this as an essential feature when buying portable mirrors.

Not Durable

The Backview mirror has telescopic handles and hooks to hang it, these parts are prone to breaking and damages. Also folding and unfolding the mirror all the time can damage the delicate hinges.

Scrutinize the claims made by Backview Mirror

“See Front Back and Sides”

FALSE. Nope as the reviews have attested the fact that you cannot see the back of your head with the Backview mirror so the above claim is FALSE.

“Easily Folds Away”

TRUE. The Backview mirror can be folded for easy storage and travel.

“See Every Detail from Every Angle”

FALSE. You cannot see all the details as the Backview mirror cannot be adjusted sideways, you can only view your front and adjust the height of the mirror. You cannot see the back and top of your head in the Backview mirror.

“Any Height, Anywhere!”

TRUE. Yes, you can adjust the height of the Backview mirror and use it anywhere where you can hang it.


FALSE. The mirror is easy to pull down but you cannot push it up as the hooks do not grip the door securely. So if you pull the mirror too down and now want to increase the height, you have to remove the mirror from the door, collapse the telescopic handles and re-adjust the height that suits you.

So does the Backview Mirror work?

The reviews make it clear that the concept of Backview mirror does not work. It is fine if you leave it hanging at a fixed height and if you don’t have other mirror but overall the Backview mirror has very limited use.

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