Weather Force 360 Review

Weather Force 360 Review

What is Weather Force 360?

It is the durable new weather protector that keeps your windshield snow and ice-free in winter and helps your car stay cool and comfortable in summer. It claims to provide 360 degree protection form the forces of weather all year long hence the name – Weather Force 360. Forces of weather like snow, ice and summer heat can take a heavy toll on your car and the windshield. The windshield is an important part of your vehicle and you should protect it from the forces of weather. The best way of caring for your car’s windshield is with Bell & Howell Weather Force 360.

How does Weather Force 360 work?

Your windshield is hard to clean in winter and it gets unbearably hot in summers. You need a windshield protector that would work in all seasons and all types of weathers. Well Weather Force 360 from Bell & Howell is the answer. According to the manufacturer Bell+Howell Weather Force 360 features powerful magnets and double-stitch security panels make installation quick and easy with secured fit. The Weather Force 360 video shows that is it tear and theft-resistant. The heavy duty water-proof fabric of Weather Force 360 shield your car’s windshield from snow, ice, sleet, winter debris, harmful sun-rays and heat.

Weather Force 360 Features

  • Strong Magnetic Grip – The Weather Force 360 has magnets at the corner, these magnets keep the cover securely in place even when the weather forces are at their peak.
  • Secure Locking Flaps – The design feature two locking flaps which go inside your car. Just insert the flaps inside and close the door.
  • Lightweight and Durable – The Weather Force 360 is made from lightweight yet durable material which makes it weatherproof and tear-proof.

Weather Force 360 Features

Weather Force 360 Windshield Cover for Winter

Getting your car’s windshield rid of ice and snow is a painstaking job and takes time and effort, but with the Weather Force 360 just remove the cover and you have spotless and clean windshield everytime. Now you need not brush the snow away, no need to scrape the ice while freezing in the ice – that is what the manufacturer (Bell & Howell) of Weather Force 360 claim in their video ad. When you have to use your car, just remove the Weather Force 360 cover and you are good to go!

Weather Force 360 Windshield Cover for Summer

In summer time just flip over the Weather Force 360 cover, the surface of the Weather Force 360 reflects the heat stopping the interior of your car from overheating. Weather Force 360’s promoter claims in the ad that their windshield cover brings down the car interior temperature by almost 62.5%! only the reviews will shed light on weather these claims are true or not.

Weather Force 360 Benefits

Windshield Cover for All Car Types

They claim that Weather Force 360 is suitable for small compact cars, mid-size, sedan and larger cars. The Weather Force 360 also comes in SUV and truck sizes.


Weather Force 360 is available in three sizes:
  • Weather Force 360 for Sedans for $19.95
  • Weather Force 360 for Mid-Size cars & SUVs for $24.95
  • Weather Force 360 for Trucks for $29.95
The shipping is free according to the official website Weather Force 360 is available only at the official website You have the option of getting additional Weather Force 360 for $6.95 for compact cars and $7.95 for Mid-size, SUVs and Trucks. As per the manufacturer’s website, the Weather Force 360 will take 2 to 8 weeks to be shipped to your address from the time the order is processed. The product is shipped via UPS.

Price Comparison

Company Behind Weather Force 360

Bell & Howell is the manufacturer of Weather Force 360, and the product is being promoted by the Infomercial Company Emson (E. Mishan & Sons, Inc).

Contact Information

Product Returns Address: 400 RETURNS RD Wallingford CT, 06494. Phone – 855-870-3718. Check your order status here:

Warranty and Guarantee

The official website ( does not mention of warranty. There is a 60-day money back guarantee though you still have to pay $6.95 or $7.95 shipping fee, depending on the size of the windshield cover. This is the standard money back guarantee associated with the as seen on tv companies.

Weather Force 360 Review

Ok now lets see what the users have to say about the Weather Force 360 windshield cover:


These complaints about the magnets scratching the hood and the windshield of the cars is abundant. Almost 80% of the reviews mention about this issue. Whether you want to put the cover on or take it off – the magnets scratch the surface.

Sticks to the Windshield

The second most common complaint mentioned by the reviewers is that the Weather Force 360 material being very thin and lightweight it flaps a lot even in not-so-strong wind and some snow is able to pass through the gaps at the bottom, this ice fuses the cover to the windshield – making it difficult to remove. You have to be careful that you do not pull it apart or that would tear the Weather Force 360. You will have to start the car and let the ice melt to remove the windshield cover.

Not a Single Person’s Job

Installing the Weather Force 360 is very time consuming particularly when it is windy. Many reviews mention that it is not one person’s job to put the Weather Force 360 on or remove it. You need one person each on the either side of the vehicles, as the magnets keep sticking to the surface of the car when the cover is being slided across.

Not a Full Proof Solution

The Weather Force 360 still leaves gap at the bottom from where the snow can still go inside though not a whole lot of it. Also, the flaps that go inside your car from the doors get wet and soggy.

Too Thin

Reviews mention that it is too thin to be used as an effective windshield cover. It flaps a lot when it is windy. Lightweight material has its own drawback, the Weather Force 360 cover gets blown even by no-so-strong winds. Heavy winds, heavy downpours cause the magnets to move from their place revealing the windshield to the forces of weather and scratching the surface. One reviewer suggests to ask the weight of the cover before buying it.

Not For Windy Climate

The Weather Force 360 name makes it sound stubborn and durable but the reviews mention that it would not stand the very strong winds. Reviewers warn not to get carried away by the fancy claims made by the promoter. The Weather Force 360 is just another windshield cover and there is nothing special about it. When the forces of nature are furious it is bound to fail.

Tall Trucks and Short People

The Weather Force 360 is particularly hard to put on tall trucks without sliding it over the surface. Short people will find it particularly difficult. So unless you can reach across the windshield.

Is it a scam?

Nope. Weather Force 360 is not a scam. All the pros and cons associated with the Weather Force 360 also apply to all the magnetic windshield covers out there in the market.

Our Verdict

You cannot have one windshield solution for all the weather conditions. Windshield covers have their limitations and they have to fight against the forces of nature. Weather Force 360 is no exception to it. The promoters of Weather Force 360 make it look like a “360 degree solution”, like a miracle product which can take on the toughest of weather conditions – well this is not true.

Note: Source of the product information is the official website The claims haven’t been tested independently. The reviews and verdict is based on the opinion of our automobile experts.

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  1. Winnifred Ocovich | September 9, 2020 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    where is my order placed on July 21. Even word of it’s status would be appreciated.

  2. Patricia Marino | July 26, 2020 at 10:33 pm | Reply

    I ordered it on june 18,2020 been waiting you took my momey for it and on july 21,2020 i get un-email that it was cancelled when the hell i wanted it you took my money.

  3. Charles T. Nelson | July 18, 2020 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    No mention is made in the review about the summer heat abilities of the cover. I seriously doubt the claims. I use a very shiny windshield heat protector that is used inside my car. It makes virtually no improvement to summer inside car temperatures. This heat shield probably performs similarly.

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