Carwash Cannon Review | Does Work?

What is Carwash Cannon?

It claims to be a professional quality car-wash system with supposedly “revolutionary” foam-blasting technology. Asper the claims of the official review on the system gives your car sparkling clean look.

Carwash Cannon Review | Does Work?



How does Carwash Cannon Work?

The official review claims that the Carwash Cannon is so powerful that it covers the entire car in just seconds. The Carwash Cannon features a dial, just move the dial to the “Rinse” setting and the Carwash Cannon washes the soap away with a powerful jet of water. The promoters of the Carwash Cannon claim that their system delivers professional results that you would expect from a Car Wash Center. The Carwash Cannon claims to work on the dirtiest of car.

The system claims to have a “Hydro Foam Technology” that supposedly infuses massive amount of air in the soap and water which creates a blanket of thick foam, similar to what you see at the car wash center. The air charged foam from the Carwash Cannon removes the dirt and dust from the surface of your car. Washing you car with sponge and bucket is back-breaking and consumes a lot of time. Additionally it can scratch your car. Moreover the Car Wash centers are expensive.


How to use the Carwash Cannon?

All you have to do is:
  • Attach the Carwash Cannon to your regular garden hose
  • Add liquid soap in the Carwash Cannon container
  • Spray your car with the thick cleansing foam



How does foam clean the car?

The foam from the Carwash Cannon provides the longer “contact time” needed for the detergent to effectively remove the dirt and dust. The foam clings to the surface of your car and moves down slowly, allowing greater contact time.


Carwash Cannon Tests

To Prove the effectiveness of the Carwash Cannon, the official review shows a demo where an off-road vehicles is driven through mud and left it in hot sun to dry. The Carwash Cannon was still able to remove all the dirt and mud from the off-road vehicle without scrubbing.


Carwash Cannon Can be used on:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs
  • ATVs
  • Trailers
And Carwash Cannon is not just vehicles, you can use it around your house too:
  • Sidings
  • Patio Furniture
  • And other outdoor households



Carwash Cannon Pricing

Carwash Cannon is priced at $19.99 + $7.99 S/h. It is available at the official website only. The price includes the Carwash Cannon and 2 nozzles.

Pricing Analysis

So how does the Carwash Cannon compare with competitors:
  • Chemical Guys Foam Blaster – Costs $49 and has over 3500+ Reviews. Aggregate rating of 4.3 stars.
  • SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer – Priced at $39.95 and has over 550 reviews. Aggregate rating of 4.4 stars.
  • HOUSE DAY Foam Cannon Gun Pressure Car Washer – Costs $29.99 and has over 200 reviews. Aggregate rating 4.0 stars.


Carwash Cannon Review

Carwash Cannon Leaks

The biggest complain of the Carwash Cannon is “leakages”. And it leaks from not one just one place but many. The biggest leakage is where the quick release nozzle attaches to the soap container. The Carwash Cannon also leaks at the quick adaptor where the hose connects to the washer. Users have reported in their reviews that they had wrap all the threads with PTFE tape to make it leak-proof. When you move the direction of spraying, this twisting motion causes the water to leak from the point where the hose connects to the Cannon. So you have to be very careful when using it. You will have to to hold the hose with one hand to reduce the weight on the Carwash Cannon.

One user mentions in his review that the Carwash Cannon is leaky out of the box, he purchased it new and it still leaks where the hose connects to the Cannon. The Carwash Cannon sprays water everywhere including the person holding the cannon. The reviewer was surprised to find that the Carwash Cannon leaks in the first use. He claims in the review that he has used several of these in the past and it took at least 6-months for them to start leaking, but this one is worst. You probably get what you pay for, he mentions in his Carwash Cannon review.


Poor Quality

Many users complain that the Carwash Cannon is poorly made and does not operate as claimed in the review. It sprays water in all the directions. It is all plastic parts and the O-ring dislodges with minimal use rendering the Cannon unusable. The foam that comes out of the Carwash Cannon does not stick to the car as shown in the official review video on The foam is very “liquid” and does not coat the car like you have at the car-wash center. Being made of plastic, the Carwash Cannon would not last for more than a year. Some user have reported that the Cannon stops working just after a few uses.



Does Not Rinse Good

The rinse feature too does not work as claimed in the official review. The Carwash Cannon does not blast the water as you would expect it to do to remove the foam. You will have to use your regular hose to rinse off the foam. The foaming pattern is also not very great, you have to go on the same spot several time to make it coat with foam.


Container Detaches

There are a reviews that claim that the soap water container falls off from the Cannon and attaches loosely to the Carwash Cannon.


Lack of Pressure

The biggest complaint after the “leaky” Carwash Cannon is the “low pressure”. It is nothing like what they show in the commercial – the foam being sprayed several feet away and covering the whole car. The Carwash Cannon does not shoot the foam far enough as claimed in infomercial. The Carwash Cannon “spits” the foam barely 6″ out inspite of good water pressure from the hose.



Leaves Water Spots On the Car

One reviewer complains that the Carwash Cannon leaves water-spots all over the car and especially the windows. You have to use a scrubber to remove them. This defeats the very purpose of having the Carwash Cannon. One user claims in his review that the water spots on his car’s windows were so bad that he had to take the car to a carwash center to get rid of them. The reason for the water spots are not directly connected with the Carwash Cannon but has got to do with the mineral content of the water.


Our Verdict

Don’t get sucked in by the cheap price of the Carwash Cannon. It does not work as claimed in the TV ad. Neither is it the only “Foam Blaster” out there in the market. What makes Carwash Cannon special is its low price but then as one of the user comments in his review, “You get what you pay for”. Stay away from the Carwash Cannon. A simple search for “Foam blaster” will list a dozen of at-home car washers that you can choose from.



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  1. These ads are total deception. Thank you for spreading the word about the carwash cannon.

  2. William Anthony Mckinney | May 20, 2021 at 2:56 pm | Reply

    The carwash cannon sucks and I wish I could return it. Nothing about it works as advertised. One of the worst products I ever purchased.

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