Bell + Howell Clever Dash Review

Bell + Howell Clever Dash Claims

What is Clever Dash?

Bell+Howell Clever Dash is a portable, smartphone holding device which you can mount in cars and other places. It is a holding mount designed for all kind of smartphones like flip-phone, iOS, Android and others. Its spring built mechanism makes it easy for it to hold phones tightly, this product is mainly designed for the cars, so that people can have a natural look on GPRS while driving, with no fumbling and shaking. It provides a better view, without being a barrier in the driver’s sight.

Clever Dash

How does Bell + Howell Clever Dash work?

This phone holder comes with a non-suction base, on which the phone holder gets placed. This base provides feasibility to the phone holder so that you can set it at any flat surface. Its clamp has an inbuilt spring which helps it to hold any size and shape phone. The company claim that it contains the phone at a comfortable angle so that the viewer can watch the phone screen, it without any uneasiness. It can be used for calling, remote presentations, navigations and for watching some videos while getting indulge in some other work.

How to use Bell + Howell Clever Dash?

Using Clever dash is relatively easy as advertised on the website. You need to put the base on the dashboard and mount your phone over it. You can rotate the 360-degree base plate as per your convenience and requirement, and you are good to go.

The Name “Bell + Howell Clever Dash”

The name “Bell + Howell Clever Dash” is brilliantly crafted with an eye-catching term ‘Clever’ that in the first instance intrigues the minds of the customers and gives the product an elated look and feel. But when you compare its actual usage and the name, both the aspects are far apart in reality.

Claim Analysis

Clever Dash

Now let’s look at the practical side of the product.

  • “Holds your Phone and GPS at Perfect Eye Level Without Blocking your Vision.”

It isn’t true, the length of the shaft that holds the phone is not so much that it is on the eye level, plus the product has no provisions for the height adjustments. It might work for an average height person but not for the tall ones

  • “Fits in any Vehicle.”

It might not be so easy to fit it in any vehicle as not all cars have a dashboard that has so much of an even surface to hold the wide-spread mat that is at the base of the holder.

  • “Spring-loaded clamp holds your device tight.”

This spring-loaded clamp holds the device tight only when the product is new and fresh. When phones of variable width are used continuously on this the spring loses its tension, and the grip gets loose in no time.

  • “Instant Stand Anywhere you Need One.”

The stand is indeed instant but fails to hold so tight when the required width of a space isn’t available. It might rest well on the roof as advertised on the product site, but when considering other surfaces inside the car where you would possibly think of mounting other than the dash, its broad base becomes a drawback.

  • “The new portable mount with a non-slip grip.”

This claim is definitely a hoax when you try this product on bumpy roads. The base does not entirely stick to the surface and on emergency breaking or bumps tends to shift its place or even fall off from the dash.

Price Analysis

Bell + Howell Clever Dash is available at $ 19.95 with an offer of buy one get one free. Well, there is an additional S & P charge of $ 6.95 is there. Hence, the total cost of this device would be $19.95 + $6.95 = $ 26.90. It is quite expensive as there are other options available at $ 12-$ 15 which offers similar features. The offer of 1+1 can attract people who want to have two phone holders, and else one is enough. The product is certainly over-priced.

Offer Analysis

Clever Dash

Bell + Howell Clever Dash is offering 1+1. But if we dig a bit more in-depth, we can see that there is nothing of a significant benefit in this offer. An average phone holder with similar characteristics costs around $ 12, and if we buy two, the cost will be approximately $12+$12 = $24, on which there are chances that the retailer will give you a discount. Here, the deal of $19.95 (becomes $26.90 after adding all charges) is not offering anything, which we consider as a ‘wow offer.’

Reviews on the Bell + Howell Clever Dash Site

Most of the reviews on the product’s site carries 2.5 stars, which makes this product an average one. Except for the made up 4-5 star reviews, people who bought this product says, it is okay to be you but is not long-lasting. Summing up all the reviews, the device is just like any other phone holder who gets worn out after some time. Not a good to go product, what majority of reviews said and people who have bought it considered it a waste of money.

Bell + Howell Clever Dash Review

Bell + Howell Clever Dash is a product which claims to provide a fumble-free phone holder experience. The product is quite beautiful but is not durable, and one of its significant ironies is that the product’s selling point, its 360-degree rotatable holder along with its spring built holding ability becomes its major drawback.

The base is designed well with three humps so that it can sit over any flat surface like kitchen slab, and any table but not a car’s dashboard. There is no guaranteed replacements and warranties available, and hence, this is a product that should get considered only if you want to collect all kind of phone holders or will use just one phone on it.

Our Verdict

Taking about our verdict, we conclude that the Bell + Howell Clever Dash is an average product with no longer living. Named as Clever Dash, it is a cleverly built device, but its creators could have tried it for all sized phones.

Its 360 degrees rotating top is of no great worth as when used regularly, it becomes free, and the phone swings here and there. Coming to its base, it is quite the only appreciating thing in this holder. Rest is just shinning yellow objects, advertised as gold. We suggest our readers consider and check all other options available before buying this, as there are other options which provides better user experience and if not, they will surely dig a smaller hole in your pockets.

The deal offered by Bell + Howell is just a shining glitter and not a gem as when one is not worthy, what a person will do in getting 1+1. It is excellent for the drivers who use it for GPRS purpose and carries a phone or navigating device which remains fixed in the bracket when driving on smooth roads. Rest, we advise looking for other options before swiping your credit card.

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