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What is CamEye?

CamEye from Kent is a Dashcam, Phone and a GPS Tracker rolled into one. But CamEye is not an ordinary Dashcam. It features dual cameras that record inside and outside of the car with audio. What more you can watch the LIVE footage on your Android/Apple Smartphone. Kent CamEye Dashcam comes with a built in SIM so that you can call on the CamEye and talk to occupants in the car.


Kent CamEye Inside Camera


If you have been looking for a perfect dashboard camera for your car, your search ends with the Kent CamEye. Kent CamEye has been made keeping all the requirements of the customers in mind which is what makes it extremely suitable for use in the car. The CamEye is specially built to keep “rogue” drivers in their tracks.


Kent CamEye Outside Camera

Unique Features of Kent CamEye

Kent CamEye comes with a number of features many of which have never been seen before in the dashboard camera segment. These features have been developed after customers made it clear that they would like these features. The unique features of Kent CamEye are:
  • The camera records time-lapse video and audio from both outside as well as the inside of the car which provides an additional sense of security.
  • The Kent CamEye camera also doubles as a GPS tracker which means that you can track your car at all times with the camera.
  • You can also track the route that you have gone through with the Kent CamEye which can help trace your route in case you forget it or need to review it.
  • The camera from Kent also has Artificial Intelligence functionality in it which can help in detecting over speeding or even warn you when an unknown driver is at the steering wheel.
  • The camera also offers a two-way call ring with the occupants of the car which offers a simple conversation with the people in the car, in case you need it.
  • The Kent CamEye camera also offers could based storage for a period of up to 90 days which is virtually unseen in the Indian dashcam industry.
  • The camera also automatically goes into stealth mode to track the driver and his movements whenever an unknown driver is driving the car. This feature uses the technology of facial recognition which is a segment first.


Kent CamEye view from the inside of the car

What sets apart the Kent CamEye?

There are a number of dashboard cameras available in the Indian market for consumers to choose from, but the market has been still looking for the perfect option which seemed missing until the arrival of the Kent CamEye. The Kent CamEye is a camera which has been designed by keeping the needs of the consumer in mind. This makes the product very consumer friendly and consumer-centric. The Kent CamEye offers a number of features which were long due in the market, and that is what sets it apart from other ordinary dashcams in the Indian market. Apart from this, the brand support offered by Kent is also unmatched which makes the Kent CamEye a very reliable product. The Kent CamEye comes with a hardware that has never been seen before in the dashcams available which put the product a segment above all the other currently available dashcam products.


Specifications of the Kent CamEye

Dual 720p Cameras

The Kent CamEye comes with dual 720p cameras. One for recording the surroundings of the car whereas the second one is used for recording audio and video inside the vehicle. The high resolution of the camera is a pro as it shows a higher amount of detail in the footage shot by the camera, but the downside to the high resolution of the camera is the larger size of the footage which needs more cloud space to store it.


Kent CamEye view from the outside of the car

Preinstalled 4G sim with 4G/3G connectivity

The Kent CamEye comes with a preinstalled 4G sim in it which offers a constant 4G or 3G connectivity to your cloud storage and other sims. The pro is that you can view the footage in real time with the connectivity and the footage also gets synced to the cloud storage immediately, but the con is that the connectivity is often weak which means that it is not as useful as it could have been.


3000mAh Battery

The Kent CamEye offers a 3000mAh battery which means that the camera can function without needing to charged while using. The camera can record for up to 24 hours when charged once which is a pro and apart from this, the camera and its battery come with fast charging which means that you can top up your camera before you know it.


Infra-red night sensor and light sensor

The Kent CamEye comes with an infra-red night sensor as well as a light sensor which keeps track of the light available outside to adjust the aperture and exposure of the camera lens at all times. The pro of this feature is that you get the best footage no matter what time of the day.



The Kent CamEye is equipped with an accelerometer which means that you can keep an eye on the speed of the car even when not in the vehicle which is a definite pro.


Features of the Kent CamEye

Footage recording inside and outside the car

The Kent CamEye comes with functionality which offers a recording of audio and video inside and outside the vehicle. This feature offers an additional sense of security but also sparks privacy concerns given the current world.


GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking offered by the Kent CamEye is a great feature and a definite pro of the product.


AI Functionality

The Kent CamEye offers AI functionality which increases the number of things that the camera can do, but the functionality is not much and definitely enough to justify the price tag.


Kent CamEye with Mobile/CellPhone App

Pricing of the Kent CamEye

The dashcam product offered by Kent comes at a price of ₹19,999 per device with a free three-month subscription to the service. The additional features would be charged after the three months for which the pricing has not been declared as of yet. The pricing includes the 4G connectivity of the camera as well as the connection. The subscription service also consists of cloud storage of definite amount in partnership with Amazon.


Price Analysis

The price tag of ₹19,999 for one device of the Kent CamEye and a three-month subscription seems like a good deal when you consider the superior hardware of the dashcam. The number of features that the Kent CamEye is also considerable which helps justify the high price tag of the dashcam. The fact is though that even with such a useful feature list and the superior hardware along with the sensors, the dashcam by Kent is priced quite reasonable and around the other offerings of this segment. The other cameras available in the segment also range around the ₹20,000mark but offer quite fewer features and functionality as compared to the Kent CamEye.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the CamEye

  • Probably the biggest disadvantage of the Kent CamEye is that you cannot view the LIVE video once the car (and the CamEye) is out of the coverage area, since the data is being transferred using 3G/4G connectivity.
  • Other disadvantage of the Kent CamEye is that it is loaded with too many features that you may never use, if you are buying it for personal use. Alerts like A/C On, Engine Idling, High Noise Level, Low battery alert etc, do not have much practical value.
  • Another major disadvantage of the Kent CamEye is that it does not come with an internet application like a mobile app. Viewing videos on a big computer/laptop screen is more convenient and helpful than viewing them on a small screen of a smartphone.
  • Also Kent does not provide any information as to how many videos can you view on your smartphone. As a Transport company you may have dozens of trucks traveling at a given time and keeping a track of all of your fleet at same time may become overwhelming given the fact that the videos can be viewed only on the Smartphone.
  • Because the Kent CamEye is loaded with so many features and alerts. You have to be really very careful when you setup and configure the alerts. It can easily throw up false alarms and alerts. This can be a drawback.
  • The way the Kent CamEye is installed on the windshield is not a full-proof installation method. Given the condition of the roads, the base is going to fall down very soon.
  • Kent CamEye does not have Wi-fi. It is a major drawback.
  • Kent CamEye offers a very limited 10-day trial period.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Face Recognition technology sound fascinating but there is no guarantee these technologies always work 100% efficiently. A slight change in the appearance of the driver’s face can trigger a false alarm.


Our Verdict on the Kent CamEye

Kent CamEye is a product from Kent which means that it comes with the immense brand value behind it. The product is loaded with features which have been developed specifically for this segment. The features are also backed by the hardware which is right up there with any competition that you may see in this market. This when combined with the reasonable pricing of the dashcam, make the product a complete package which is the perfect option in the market right now. We would definitely recommend the Kent CamEye in case you are looking for a dashcam in the Indian market right now.

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